05/22/2020 - Release

What’s New:

  • Trade Cases are now available in the mobile app!

  • To make the General Accounting exports more organized we included sorting by transaction date and time.

  • CLAIMCHECK Documents can now be uploaded even when the Accounting Lock Date is turned on.

  • Updated Family and Friends User Report columns to include Service Date(s).

  • Survey System Report can be filtered on Contract Date now.


  • Outstanding Balance should only show cases with a balance, not ones with $0 so we fixed that.

  • The Invoice Report was getting hung up on some minor details so we cleared that up.

  • Printing multiple checks got a little out of line but we straightened that out.

  • Case Identifiers can now be reset back one number.

  • A few User Reports were resulting in an error when saved but we got the kinks worked out.

  • The Funeral Options page decided notifications were optional but we worked that out.