2022 - Release notes

4/18/2022 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • CLAIMCHECK assignments for every organization can be seen under the parent organization.

  • First American customers now have two options for ACH payments - 1. Process the ACH through First American or 2. Save the payment only.

  • We’ve included a TOPRINT column in the Quickbooks export for checks that have been printed in Passare.

  • We removed the CLAIMCHECK status from the CLAIMCHECK Assignments Dashboard, User Reports, Payments & Adjustments, and Filter Assignments modal.

  • We added the decedent’s Date of Birth in the toolbar of each case.

3/31/2022 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • We've updated our custom field options to include:
    • No limit to the number of custom fields.
    • You can see all custom field options on user reports.
    • Map a document to any custom field created.
  • Chargebacks and refunds are now included in batch deposits.
  • We're updating the CLAIMCHECK assignment filter of Assigned to at the Parent Org level to show all Branches.  The Funeral Director and Secondary Arranger drop-downs will be disabled at the Parent Org level.
  • First American customers now have two options for ACH payments - 1.  Process the ACH through First American or 2.  Save the payment only.

2/28/2022 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • Whenever a survey report column is copied, automatically select the survey report column on the new report.

  • We boldened ‘payment options’ text for better visibility on Payments transactions.

2/14/2022 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • Automatic text invites to the Planning Center can now be designated by role.

  • We added a search bar to the Check Writing feature.

  • Add “other” option for injections on the embalming section of the care center.

  • Add “organization” and “branch ID” as column option when rows show results for contract items.

2/3/2022 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • We updated the Price List Export: added an “associated inventory account” column option.

  • We added “tank size” to the Embalming section of the Care Center.

1/29/2022 - Planning Center Updates

  • The invitation email is being updated to include the funeral home’s name as families are not familiar with Passare and delete the invites.

1/20/2022 - Passare Updates

What's new:
  • A column for Age Days has been added to User Reports. This column will show the aging days of a case and can be sorted, summed, and averaged.

  • You can now exclude tax and cash advances from the Recap of Client Service types system report. Find the ‘Exclude tax and cash advance totals’ checkbox under Other options in the report. When the checkbox is checked, tax and cash advance totals will be excluded from the following columns: Revenue, Sum Revenue, Sum Discounts, %Revenue, and %Discounts.

1/13/2022 - Planning Center Updates

What's new:

  • We’ve updated the Preferences page to be read-only when the Funeral Details page is locked in Passare.

  • We’ve updated the Biographical page to be read-only when the Decedent Info. page is locked in Passare.

  • We updated the titles of the homepage to be linked to the respective pages. Users can either click the title or the Go button.

  • Some video preferences are being removed. We’ll have a standard video for organizations and branches. The welcome option can still be customized.

  • The Section Content in the Resources section is being removed. Links are now added in the Section Content Links.

  • The Community portal notification email template has been removed.

1/6/2022 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • We’ve updated the Cash Advance Reconciliation System Report to include checks that are not tied to a decedent or case.
  • You can now schedule an update to the cost of price list items.