2023 - Release notes

12/15/2023 - New feature: Configurable Vitals

New feature: Fashion your vitals sheet in Passare with our new Vitals page. With new ways to customize the page, entering vitals will be a breeze.

With this feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Enter first call and vital statistics on a single page

  • Select which fields you want visible

  • Collapse and expand sections while entering data

  • Search the page for fields using a new field search

Configurable Vitals will be in a trial phase for one month. To start using this feature, turn on the beta toggle from the At-Need Vital Statistics page.

11/28/2023 - Price List Effective Dates by Branch

You can now edit your price list effective dates at the branch level. Check out this article for more information about updating your price list effective dates. 

11/14/2023 - New feature: eSignatures 2.0

Passare eSignatures just got a big upgrade! eSignatures 2.0 is designed to offer you more flexibility, security, and control throughout the document signing process.

eSignatures 2.0 includes:

  • Simplified document preview and editing

  • Flexibility to upload any document for signing

  • Updated signature notifications and management

  • And more!

Read this article to learn more or fill out this form to get started.

9/28/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We added a permission for adding discounts to a contract
  • We added a tag for total package price for the Goods & Services page
  • We removed the municipality fields from the search bar for Canadian Passare users
  • We removed the address requirement for ACH and credit card payments when using Batch Payments
  • We added an External Links dashboard widget to display all external links configured to your organization

9/26/2023 - New feature: Tasks widget

Checking off your to-do’s just got easier with our new Tasks widget! This new widget lets you manage checklists across all cases and quickly mark tasks as completed, right from the Dashboard.

With the Tasks widget, you can:

  • View a global list of tasks on any dashboard

  • Easily reference incomplete, complete, and all tasks

  • Customize your tasks view with filters and sorting

To set this up in your account, follow the steps in this article.


9/14/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We added the ability to edit the email that gets sent out to the family when requesting eSignatures
  • We added the ability to archive Price List categories
  • We removed Veteran Info page from Vitals for Canadian Passare users
  • We removed municipality fields from Vitals page for Canadian Passare users
  • We added a new check register report
  • We added more custom columns to financial exports


8/31/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We added branch-specific transaction filters
  • We added location tags for decedent tracking
  • We made parent birth country default to 'Canada' for Canadian firms
  • We added the ability for Canadian firms to track a decedent's Indigenous status 


8/17/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We added the ability to write obituaries with AI
  • We added bulk signing as its own permission
  • We added a field for Funeral Directors to add their direct office phone number to their user profile
  • We added new General Accounting columns for Credit Memo, Tax Type, Due Date, and Rolodex ID for accounting exports

8/3/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We added a way for users to see all Notes from any page with Notes
  • We added a section in Care Center to show identification photos of deceased
  • We created a setting for IP address stamping on eSignatures documents
  • We made a few UI updates to eSignatures 2.0 templates selector
  • We made adjustments to the Sales Contract Analysis System Report
  • We cleaned up the Notes text field to make sure it remains its default size
  • We made sure updating F&F entry to legal parent is also reflected on Vitals page
  • We made sure Notes created on other pages show on other pages immediately


7/21/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We updated @mention text to highlight in bold text in a Note
  • We consolidated Notes notifications when a case is converted from Trade > At-Need
  • We made sure Pet Owner data pulls in "Case Assigned to/Arranger" Survey Report column
  • We added "Veteran Current or Most Recent Ranking" as a user report column
  • In Imports, we now direct users to Import Details tab once mappings are updated and "Import" is selected
  • We added Obituary tags for Visitation 2


7/13/2023 - Configurable Vitals (beta) updates

This feature is currently in a closed beta with Premium customers. Full release details will be added once this feature is available to all customers.

What's new:

  • We added Vitals to Trade and Imminent-Need cases
  • We added a link to view hidden fields
  • We separated Deceased Y/N radio button from the Death info group
  • We made sure field search was successful even if the field is in a collapsed section
  • We made the field search bar clear once search is completed
  • We enabled additional fields, consolidated fields, and disabled unnecessary rearrange icons
  • We made sure that Parent Deceased (Y/N) button and Parent death fields can be configured separately


7/6/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We enhanced Notes notification highlights to be clearer once redirected to the page
  • We made sure users are notified when someone comments on their note
  • We updated Notes bubble alerts to open information open information in the same tab, rather than a second one
  • We updated Notes notifications to send a single notification on converted cases
  • We created options for "include" and "does not include" in Client Service Types dropdown in User Reports
  • We added Contract Current Balance (signed only) column in User Reports
  • We added Batch Deposit Type column to Payments & Adjustments User Reports


6/22/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We updated user access to the 'Notes' page
  • We made a way to sort Admin > Price List table by Branch
  • We added new functionality to Custom Fields like rearranging, disabling and enabling
  • We updated UI on Admin > Custom Fields page


6/9/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We can now export Batch Deposit Description
  • We can now export Batch Deposit ID
  • We made sure items marked as "not visible" on the Price List are also not visible in Inventory Management
  • We added a permission to delete other user's notes
    • This permission only allows deleting, not editing, other's notes
  • We added Batch Deposit Description column to Payments & Adjustments User Reports
  • We added a new Pending Events filter in Events User Reports (in Advanced Filtering tab)
  • We updated "Obituary (API)" sync buttons to include integration name
  • We updated (blank) row logic on Revenue Tracker Format of the Survey Report
    • Update "(blank)" to read as "Missing CST"
    • Only display this row if there are cases that are missing a CST


5/25/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  •  We made notes notifications remain in the notifications menu until it's dismissed manually 
  •  We enabled Alkaline Hydrolysis disposition for North Carolina firms 
  •  We added the option to save partial quantities for Price List items 
  •  We added an 'Exclude Contract First Signing' filter to User Reports 
  •  We added Obituary tags for Memorial Service and Preferred (Alternate) Name 
  •  We added Borough fields to additional states 
    • This affects funeral homes in Alaska, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 
  •  We created a Case Balance Ledger System Report 
  •  We added the ability to require Client Service Type for other case types 
  •  We added new obituary tags per service type 


5/11/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We cleaned up tech debt by removing HTML forms functionality
  • We increased the First American Account Number field to receive up to 17 characters
  • We connected Funeral Options & Disposition Pages
    • Contact Support for help with setup
  • We will mark all FDLIC pre-need contracts as 'Funded' when they sync
  • We added a Pending Event column to Events User Reports
  • We added a Pending Event column to Cases User Reports
  • We added 'Check Date' on the Check Details modal


5/3/2023 - Passare Notes & notifications

New feature: Passare Notes just got an upgrade! Now available in Passare web and mobile, Notes helps you stay organized and connected with your team on all case details.

In addition to creating notes and mentioning users, now you can:

  • Title notes
  • Comment on notes
  • Mark notes as ‘important’
  • Receive mobile push notifications for Notes activity

For more information, check out our articles for Web Notes and Mobile Notes.


4/13/2023 - Passare updates 

What's new:

  • We added a link to case import templates on Super Admin > Imports page
  • We added the batch deposit description field in accounting exports
  • We added Client Service Types to Cash Sale cases
  • We added Cash Sale case type as a filter to some sales System Reports
  • We created a check template tag for case identifier(s)
  • We can now mark package items as "Included" from the Price List
  • We created new obituary tags for Graveside Service
  • We created a new [%CHECK_DETAILS%] tag for check templates
  • We applied the signing requirements for CSTs to Cash Sale cases


3/30/2023 - Passare updates 

What's new:

  • We can now copy family members between cases
  • We created a new List of Surviving Relatives obit tag
  • We made sure all PC invites are sending the correct email template
  • We added the ability to default "Save to Organization Rolodex" as checked
  • We added new obituary tags per service type
    • We created new obituary tags for Funeral Service details
    • We created new obituary tags for Crypt Service details
    • We created new obituary tags for Crematory Service details
  • Pet owners are now included in the Census report for pet cases


3/16/2023 - Passare updates 

What's new:

  • We now prevent deletion of a price list item that is a part of a package
  • We've added a background and spinner when generating checks
  • We added 'Cremator' as column to User Reports and Case Listing
  • On taxable discounts, we now export tax amounts as positive values on General Accounting exports
  • We can now filter the Sales Tax System Report by Client Service Type
  • We added the ability to filter by Client Service Type when rows show results for Branches in User Reports
  • We can now require Funeral Director field before signing a case
  • We added a quick-link to Super Admin section
  • We now display deadlock errors in Imports error modal
  • First American onboarding email (to Ops) now includes FA merchant description
  • We added Nurse license # fields to Forms, User Reports, and Case Listing
  • We added 'Cremator' data to User Reports


3/2/2023 - Passare updates 

What's new:

  • For data transfers, we can now import obituary
  • First American payments will now show as "Approved" instead of "Pending"
  • We updated the 'delete' function to look consistent across all website integrations
  • We added referenced decedent name on Cash Sale email receipts for First American payments
  • We hid the Arrangement Guide section in a Price List item if ANAG is turned off
  • We hid Lock Arrangements option in case sidebar if ANAG is turned off
  • We now prevent users from double-clicking sorting columns in Case Listing
  • We cleaned up some UI in User Report filter dropdowns


2/16/2023 - Passare updates 

What's new:

  •  We added the ability to filter Price List items by Branch 
  •  We added License # fields for all nurse rolodex entries 
  •  We added Step-Grandchild relationship to obituary tags 
  •  We added separate columns for Pet First Name and Pet Last Name to reports and form tags 
  •  We updated the logic of System Report configuration naming 
  •  We added new sections to PC's Merchandise features
    • Outer Burial Containers and Jewelry sections now available
  •  We added more information to the Check Details modal 
    • Check Details will now include Item amount, checkbook, and check transaction
  •  We made drop-downs wider on User Reports 
  •  We now prevent users from adding DOB in the future or after DOD 
  •  We added individual User Report columns per Case Tag 


2/9/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  •  In Admin sidebar, we renamed "Collaboration" settings page to "Planning Center" 
  •  First American users can now process transactions for international payers 
  •  We added the ability to give pets a last name 
  •  We clarified red toast message text when deleting/canceling inventory item transfer without proper permissions 
  •  Users can now disable and restore checklists 


2/2/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  •  We made certain fields required for First American international payments 
  •  We added "Step-grandchild" to the relationship list on Family & Friends 
  •  We added the ability to filter batch rollups by event date 
  •  We can now include Decedent's 'Last Name at Birth' field in data transfers 
  •  We added a new field in pet cases for "Remains returned to" 
  •  We can now use special characters in User Report names 


1/13/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  •  For Canadian firms, we combined the FSA and LDU fields into a single postal code field 


1/4/2023 - Passare updates

What's new:

  •  We made a way to add non-owner F&F entries to pet cases