2024 - Release notes

2/28/2024 - New feature: Planning Center Messages

Planning Center Messages helps you support the families you serve with clear, consistent information in a single place. 

With Planning Center Messages you can:

  • Keep families informed with direct messaging

  • Review past discussions and decisions
  • Offer timely assistance when families need you most

Click here to learn more and start using Planning Center Messages today!


2/25/2024 - New feature: Case merging

Cleaning up duplicate cases is easier than ever with our new Case merging feature.  Just compare, select, and merge the case - all in a single workflow.

This feature includes:

  • Side-by-side case comparison

  • Easy master case selection

  • Instant merging and automatic duplicate case deletion

Case merging is available now in all cases. Read more about it in this article.


2/13/2024 - New feature: Task owner & due date fields

Curate the perfect to-do list or collaborate tasks with your team using Passare’s new task owner & due date fields. By assigning task owners and due dates, you can craft the ultimate to-do list for you and your team right in Passare.

With task owner & due date fields, you can:

  • Personalize to-do lists for you or your team

  • Keep your team aligned on delegated or timely tasks

  • Prioritize and generate reminders on important tasks

Learn all about our Checklist functionality here.


2/5/2024 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We added a tag for Surviving Family & Friends.
  • We added tags for Pet Case - Owner First Name, and Pet Case - Owner Last Name.
  • We added a tag for List of Honorary Pallbearers.
  • We added a tag for List of Urn Bearers.
  • We added custom obituary tags for Pre-need, Imminent need, and All cases.
  • We added the ability to log and track who enabled a feature and when it was enabled.
  • We added the ability to edit and delete comments in Notes.
  • We added History to Notes so users can see who has edited or deleted notes and comments.


2/1/2024 - Configurable Vitals is live!

Configurable Vitals is here to stay! We have replaced our First Call and Vital Statistics pages with our new, configurable Vitals page.

Learn how to configure your Vitals page here.

1/31/2023 - New feature: One-time passcode for Planning Center

Planning Center’s new login option, one-time passcode, allows families to bypass account creation and get right to planning. With one-time passcode, families can simply click the link and type in a temporary code - no more passwords to remember!

Learn how families can use one-time passcode here.