2024 - Release notes

6/3/2024 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • User report columns now include pet owner address information.
  • Save Payment Only option for First American transactions.
  • The payer's email address auto-populated when sending a payment receipt.
  • Declined transactions will now have the declined date on the Payments & Adjustments page.
  • Line item for subtotal of Funeral Home charges now on Goods & Services page.

5/23/2024 - New Case Filter Options

Fine-tune your results when filtering cases with the new advanced case filters.

When filtering cases, you can now:

  • Search for the exact filter you need
  • Apply Includes/Doesn’t include to your filter for more precise results

Click here to learn more!

5/22/2024 - Planning Center Messages Now in the Mobile App

With Planning Center Messages, you can now:

Planning Center Messages in the Passare mobile app keep the conversation going wherever you are.

With Messages in mobile you:

  • Stay connected with families while you’re on the go

  • Keep your personal contact information personal

  • Never miss a message with alert notifications

Click here to learn more!

5/16/2024 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • You can now filter Tasks widget by case tags.
  • You can now filter Tasks widget by case status.
  • We tidied up how long item names appear on Goods & Services page.
  • We made sure non-US places of birth populates save and populate on forms correctly.
  • We updated some copy in the Financials and Notes sections of Passare.
  • We fixed some issues with downloading Claimcheck documents.

5/14/2024 - New Enhancements to Planning Center Messages

With Planning Center Messages, you can now:

  • Set personal and branch status messages
  • Add staff to all messages or only specific cases
  • Schedule when to close the conversation. 

Click here for more information about Planning Center Messages.

5/3/2024 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • We added details for clarity around archiving Chart of Accounts.
  • We removed unnecessary settings and fields pertaining to Funeral Directors Life integration.
  • We updated Frazer contact information within Passare.
  • We updated the color of the 'Do Not Contact' badge.
  • We updated the default time zone for Passare Alerts.
  • We improved the formatting when printing notes.

4/16/2024 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • You can now edit and delete comments on tasks!
  • We added the ability to mention yourself in a task comment.
  • We updated the font on the Checklist page.
  • Print view of task notes now shows user's name and title.
  • Checklist Task report now automatically adjusts 'Notes' columns to 'Comments.'
  • Tasks now automatically return to the top when unchecked.
  • Deleted tasks are now removed from the Notes page.
  • Clicking a "...mentioned you in a comment" notification now links to the associated task page. 
  • We added the ability to manually enter the 'Completed by' user in a task.

4/4/2024 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • You now have the ability to send Case Files via email!

  • Deleted notes and comments now show in the Notes History.
  • Pre-Need case information is now consistent between Pre-Need Basics, Vital Statistics, and Family & Friends pages.
  • The most recently updated at-need Checklists are now added to all at-need cases when they are created or converted to at-need.

3/27/2024 - New feature: Automated Assignment Fees

Don't waste time manually adjusting assignment fees! With this automation, you can expect:

  • Less confusion around assignment fees.
  • A more straightforward contract to present to families.
  • Less time spent on assignments!

3/21/2024 - Passare Updates

What's new:

  • We added the ability to email individual payment receipts from the Payments & Adjustments page.

3/07/2024 - New feature: Payment Links

Accept online payments from anyone by sharing the new payment link on the Payments & Adjustments page.  

Payment links give the ability to:

  • Gather payments for at-need, imminent-need, pet, trade cases, and cash sales
  • Provide a reusable link families can share with whoever would like to contribute a payment
  • Make payments without needing a Planning Center account

Learn more about the new external payment links here.

2/28/2024 - New feature: Planning Center Messages

Planning Center Messages helps you support the families you serve with clear, consistent information in a single place. 

With Planning Center Messages you can:

  • Keep families informed with direct messaging

  • Review past discussions and decisions
  • Offer timely assistance when families need you most

Click here to learn more and start using Planning Center Messages today!

2/25/2024 - New feature: Case merging

Cleaning up duplicate cases is easier than ever with our new Case merging feature.  Just compare, select, and merge the case - all in a single workflow.

This feature includes:

  • Side-by-side case comparison

  • Easy master case selection

  • Instant merging and automatic duplicate case deletion

Case merging is available now in all cases. Read more about it in this article.

2/13/2024 - New feature: Task owner & due date fields

Curate the perfect to-do list or collaborate tasks with your team using Passare’s new task owner & due date fields. By assigning task owners and due dates, you can craft the ultimate to-do list for you and your team right in Passare.

With task owner & due date fields, you can:

  • Personalize to-do lists for you or your team

  • Keep your team aligned on delegated or timely tasks

  • Prioritize and generate reminders on important tasks

Learn all about our Checklist functionality here.


2/5/2024 - Passare updates

What's new:

  • We added a tag for Surviving Family & Friends.
  • We added tags for Pet Case - Owner First Name, and Pet Case - Owner Last Name.
  • We added a tag for List of Honorary Pallbearers.
  • We added a tag for List of Urn Bearers.
  • We added custom obituary tags for Pre-need, Imminent need, and All cases.
  • We added the ability to log and track who enabled a feature and when it was enabled.
  • We added the ability to edit and delete comments in Notes.
  • We added History to Notes so users can see who has edited or deleted notes and comments.


2/1/2024 - Configurable Vitals is live!

Configurable Vitals is here to stay! We have replaced our First Call and Vital Statistics pages with our new, configurable Vitals page.

Learn how to configure your Vitals page here.

1/31/2024 - New feature: One-time passcode for Planning Center

Planning Center’s new login option, one-time passcode, allows families to bypass account creation and get right to planning. With one-time passcode, families can simply click the link and type in a temporary code - no more passwords to remember!

Learn how families can use one-time passcode here.