5/8/2020 - Release

What’s New:

  • Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock – Checkout the speedy improvements made to the Goods & Services page when adding an item.
  • We changed the TRNS type to PAYMENT for a WePAY payment in the Quickbooks IIF Report.



  • We reminded Reminders to still notify even if they did not include a case reference.
  • The Trade Business rolodex box is no longer playing peek-a-boo on the First Call page.
  • Reminded Interest on the Payments and Adjustments page that Save does not mean to subtract from the balance.
  • Fixed the Discretionary Items on the Goods & Services page to be available for use at the discretion of the user.
  • Embalming Reason only added to contract when needed now.
  • Straightened out User Reports sorting for Date of Death.
  • Next button got confused with the save button on the First Call Page so we fixed that.
  • We don’t like double entry! We fixed the Appointment drop-down to show people added in the Caller and Other People fields.
  • Speaking of double entry – copying cases between instances broke in some cases, but we got that fixed!