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Add Funeral Detail Questions to the Planning Center

Add questions to the Planning Center to help the family begin the planning process.

Add Questions:

To add questions to the Planning Center, go to Admin > Organization > Collaboration > Appearance and Content.

To add questions to Planning Center, go to Appearance and Content


You'll see the four default questions that are in the Planning Center.

Planning Center default questions


Note:  Don't want to use the default questions?  Uncheck the Show in Planning Center checkbox.


Under the Custom section, you can add your own questions. 

Select Add Question. Add Custom questions

Copy and paste this tag %{decedent_first_name}’s if you'd like the decedent's first name to be included in the question. 

Type your question and Save.

Type your question and save

The question will now appear in the Planning Center The questions will now appear in the Planning Center:

Funeral details page with what three words describe Becky and why

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