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Add Merchandise to the Planning Center (Beta)

Give families the ability to start previewing caskets, urns, flowers, or keepsakes from the comfort of their home.

If you don't see a particular field or page, it may be due to your role/permission. Email us at support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111.

Required Settings

There are three requirements for merchandise items to show in the Planning Center.

First, we are going to designate which categories we would like to have show up in the Planning Center.

1.  Go to Admin > Price List Settings > Categories > Planning Center Section, select one of the following categories: Caskets, Flowers, Keepsakes, Urns for each category that you would like to show in the Planning Center.

For categories that you don't want to show, select None.

Price list settings Planning Center section

Next, we will manage individual Price List items.

2.  Under the Price List item > Image, upload an image.

      You can upload multiple images of an item.
      The first uploaded image will be the featured image in the Planning Center.
        Change the featured image by simply clicking on another image.
    Price List image upload and featured image-1

    3.  Under the Price List item > Visibility, select the Show in Planning Center box.

    Price list item visibility show in PC checkbox
    Optional Settings

    Although these are optional, we highly suggest providing families descriptions and prices of merchandise items.

    Item descriptions

    Go to Price List item > Product Details.

    Information in the Description box will be visible in the Planning Center.

    Details on Price List items in Description box

    Item prices

    Go to Price List item > Product Pricing.

    When Fixed Price is selected, the item will show the Price entered.

    When Tiered Price is selected, the pricing for the lowest tier will be shown.

    When Discretionary is selected, "Price: Varies" will be shown in the Planning Center.

    Product Pricing Discretionary Price selected

    You'll repeat the above steps for each Price List item.

    Now that your items are set up, let's turn to the next step in the Planning Center.

    Merchandise Page


    Go to Admin > Collaboration > Merchandise > Settings.

    Toggle Show in Planning Center to On.

    If you would like to show prices, turn on Show item prices.

    Select the Branches and Case Types that you want to include.


    Use Links, to add a whole brochure from a vendor, such as Batesville.

    The Title is what the family will see as the header in the Planning Center.  We suggest something fairly descriptive, such as Catalog links.

    The Description field will be the subheading used to help categorize your links. For example, you may have a Casket brochure and Urn brochure category.

    Select Add link to add a URL.

    The Title is the link title, such as Batesville catalog.

    Paste in the URL.

    Select Save.

    Merchandise links add link button-1

    Now that Merchandise is customized to your preferences, the families will see a Merchandise tab in the menu.

    Merchandise menu tab in planning centerPinning

    Families can pin their preferences under each category.

    The pinned items will move to the top of the page and also be visible under the My selections tab.

    My selections tab with pinned item-2When families pin items, you'll receive a notification. 

    Check out Manage Planning Center Notifications to turn on notifications for Merchandise pinning.

    You'll also be able to see that items have been pinned in the Activity Feed of the Collaboration page.

    Activity feed with merchandise pinned

    Goods & Services Page

    Pinned items will also be available under the quick add on the Goods & Services page.

    This will allow you to quickly add pinned items to the contract.

    Goods and services page with quick add

    Note:  You'll see "The family pinned merchandise in the Planning Center" at the top of the Goods & Services page when items have been pinned in the Planning Center.

    Need Help? Email us at support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111!