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Add sections and resources to the Planning Center

Add resources to share with families in the Planning Center. We’ve added a few to get you started, but it’s always helpful to add your own.

Add a section

Add content from local support groups or charities. 

To edit or add sections and resources, go to Admin > Organization > Collaboration > Resources page.

Here are the default sections:

  • Grief & Healing
  • Meaningful Funerals
  • Explore Options
  • Veterans Benefits

Use these or add others that might be helpful for your families. 

To add a new section, select Add Section

To edit an existing section, select the Title.

Under Section Info, give the section a Title and Description. 


Select which Branches you’d like the section to show in. This is could be important for those who have branches that serve different demographics. 

Select a Case Type if you’d like to show resources to certain groups. 

For example, you may have a few articles that relate to imminent-need and not at-need.

If it's a new section, toggle Published from off to on. 

Be sure to save!

Add resources

To add a resource, select the title of the section you’d like the resource to go under. 

You can only add resources with a web link. This means PDF's or Word docs won't work

Scroll down to Planning Center - Section Content Links

Select Add Resource


Add a Title and the Link



To delete a resource, select the trashcan icon next to an existing resource. 


Need more information?


Need help? Email us at support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111.