Reporting Requirements

With one click, your Aftercare report will now only include the Family & Friends that need aftercare follow-up. logo 


Aftercare Follow-UP:

From the Family & Friends page within a case, Add Family/Friend.

Add their First and Last Name select the Relationship to the decedent.

From the Roles drop-down check the box for Aftercare Followup.

Add Family/Friend page


If you utilize's, Aftercare-By-Text feature, be sure to include a mobile phone in the Mobile Phone field.

Edit Family/Friend:

If you add a Family/Friend on the First Call page under Caller or Other Person, the Aftercare Follow-Up checkbox will need to be checked from the Family & Friends page.

On the Family/Friend page select the name of the Family/Friend to open the Edit Family/Friend window. 

Scroll down to Roles. Check the box for Aftercare Follow-Up and Save.

Edit Family/Friend pop-up


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