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Getting Started with the ASD Integration

Streamline case management by allowing information to be automatically shared between ASD and Passare.

    To turn on your integration, contact support@passare.com, or call our support team at 1-800-692-5111.

    The ASD integration has a PUSH feature that allows you to push case information from Passare to ASD and a PULL feature that allows you to pull first call information from ASD into Passare.

    Information that is Pushed from Passare to ASD:

    Vital Statistics Page

    The following fields in Passare are automatically pushed to ASD once any changes or new data are added.

    These fields found under Basic Information on the Vital Statistics Page can be pushed to ASD.


    These fields found under the Beginning and End of Life can be pushed to ASD.

    Date of Birth, City, and State:


    Date of Death, City, and State:

    Family & Friends Page

    If the role is Next of Kin, it will be pushed to ASD.


    Funeral Options Page

    Each event added in Passare will be pushed as a separate event, but only if it is made Public.



    If the Venue is within the funeral home, such as Visitation Room, the At FH checkbox will be checked in ASD.

    If Yes is selected from the Body Present checkbox in Admin > Services > Service Name, the Body Present checkbox will be checked in ASD.

    Obituary Page

    The Obituary and Death Notice will be pushed to ASD, but the full obituary will not be pushed until you check the Lock Obituary checkbox on the Collaboration Center sidebar within the case.

      Additional Info Pushed to ASD

      Age (auto-calculated), the Date the case was last updated, and the Date the case was opened. 

      Information that is Pulled from ASD to Passare:

      If ASD answers a First Call, the first call information is automatically pulled from ASD and added to the Pending Cases tab on the Case Listing page.


      From the Pending Cases tab, you are able to create a new case, merge the pending case with an existing case, or delete the pending case.


      The Caller, Caller Primary Phone, and Caller Relationship will come over from ASD.

      Note: If you would prefer not to have an automatic pull from ASD, you have the ability to manually pull first call information. Contact support@passare.com or call our support team at 1-800-692-5111 to have them adjust your settings.

      First Call Page

      The following information on the First Call Page will be pulled into Passare.

      Title, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth:

      These fields found under Location of Death and Pronouncement will be pulled into Passare.

      Location of Death, Date of Death, Time of Death, and D.C. Signed By:

      Note: If the time of death does not appear in Passare, it is because it was entered into ASD in a format that Passare does not accept.

      Family & Friends

      The Informant Name, Relationship, and Email Address will be pulled into Passare.

      Veteran Information Page

      The Veteran Yes/No and Branch of Service will be pulled into Passare.

      Care Center Page

      The Height, Weight, and Has Pacemaker will also be pulled into Passare. 

      Commonly Asked Questions:

      What if I integrate with another provider?

      If you integrate with another provider, such as CFS, we recommend that you turn that integration off and only integrate with Passare or you may end up with duplicate cases appearing in ASD.


      Need Help? Email us at support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111!

      If you need assistance with MyASD or the ASD mobile app, contact ASD at 1-800-868-9950.