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Assign Planning Center roles

When sending Planning Center invites, you can assign a role to each family member. Each member will have different permissions based on their role.

Three roles to choose from

The Editor role, which gives full access to the Planning Center, will be the default role.

At least one Editor is required per case. Once an Editor is assigned, you can assign as many family members as you'd like to each role.

The roles include Viewer, Contributor, and Editor.

list of roles and permissions per role

Assign roles on the Family and Friends page

On the Family and Friends page, you can invite family to the Planning Center by checking the box to Send Planning Center Invite.

In order to send an invite, you'll need to enter the family members email, or phone number, if you've set up text invites.

add family member screenshot


If you don't see the checkbox, you may need to update your settings to send Planning Center invites.


If the box is checked, you'll see the role drop-down. Choose the role that best fits the family member you're inviting.

Select What are planning center roles? to see the full list of permissions for each role or hover over the role for a brief description.

Once a role is selected, Save Family/Friend to send the invite.

gif of adding family member

Edit a role

To edit a role once the invite has been sent, select the family members name on the Family and Friends page.

Planners info


A modal will appear, scroll to the bottom and choose a different role under Planning Center.

Then Save to resend the invite.

screenshot of role drop down menu for user

Assign roles from the Collaboration page

On the Collaboration page, you can add additional family members or send an invite to a current family member.

To send an invite, check the box next to the family member you want to invite.

Select the role from the drop-down and Send Planning Center Invite.

add or invite from collaboration page


This will bring up a Send Invite modal. Make any changes to the email and Invite and Close.

send invite window with message


To edit a role, choose a different role from the drop-down and resend the invite.

To remove a family member, select the trashcan next to their name.

You can also view the Invitation Status to see if they've accepted the invite.

invite settings

Assign roles in the Planning Center

Planners with Editor access can invite others to plan and assign roles in the Planning Center.

Under Family Members, they can Add family.

add family


Have them toggle "Invite to the Planning Center?" to Yes and Add family.

Invite them to plan toggle option on


They'll enter the new Planner's email and choose the role.

Then scroll down to Send invite.

choose a role window


If the family member has already been added to the Planning Center and the Editor wants to invite them to plan, they can do so by selecting Invite next to their name.

picture of the invite icon


Enter their Email and choose their role.

Scroll down and Send invite.

send invite


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