Set Up Financials

Roles & Permissions:

As with many features, Financials will have roles and permissions.

Under Admin > Roles & Permissions > Role Manager > This Role Has The Following Permissions > Admin Console > Financials.

There are three levels:

✔️ Financials will give you READ access to the Financials page. This is great if you have staff that you'd like to see how much is in the bank account without being able to do much else. 

✔️ Check Writing will give you READ access to the Check Writing page.

Create, Print and Void checks give you EDIT access to those functions on the Check Writing page.

✔️ Manage Bank Accounts will give READ access to the Accounts page.

Bank Transactions will give you the ability to EDIT bank transactions from Admin > Accounting. Of course, you'd want to restrict this access to owners and/or managers.

Balance Tracking will allow user to turn ON/OFF the tracking balance feature.

Financials Set Up:

Accounts Set Up:

To get started, turn on Balance Tracking.

Go to Admin > Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Add Account

Add the Account Name, Account Type, and Account #.

When Account Type of Bank is selected, the Account Settings section will show the ON/OFF button for Balance Tracking.

Switch ON to turn on the feature.

You will then be prompted to set up a Current Opening Balance.

NOTE: The Current Opening Balance transaction is for setting up opening balances for bank accounts and CANNOT be exported via accounting exports.


Confirm Current Opening Balance and Save.


Balance Tracking is now turned on. Next, you will want to add the bank account to the Check Writing and Batch Deposit features.

Adding the Bank Account to Check Writing:

Go to Admin > Accounting > Check Writing > Accounts.

Click Add Account.

The following fields are required:

  • Account Name
  • Bank Name
  • Address
  • Primary Phone
  • Bank Account Routing Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Check Numbering option
  • Account

Click Save.

Next, you'll want to add the Bank Account to Batch Deposits.

Adding Bank Account to Batch Deposits:

Go to Admin > Accounting > Financial Accounts > Deposit Types.


Click Add Deposit Type.

Add the Name of the Batch Deposit.

The Debit Account will be the Bank Account so select that from the drop-down.

The Credit Account is typically an Accounts Receivable account or Un-deposited Funds account.  This selection depends on Funeral Home preferences.

Click Save.

Setting up Bank Transactions:

Next, you will want to set up the Bank Transactions that will be associated with the Current Account Balance.

Go to Admin > Accounting > Financial Accounts > Transactions 

Click Add Transaction.

Fill out the Transaction Name, Transaction Description and Debit Account and Credit Account.

NOTE: The Debit and Credit Account drop-downs will populate from the Chart of Accounts.

NOTE: On the Debit/Credit drop-down, select Varies Per Transaction to make those accounts editable.


Note: Either the Debit Account or Credit Account must be a bank account. 


Transactions from this point going forward will impact the Current Account Balance.

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