Set up Financials

Set up bank accounts and transactions to use Passare's financial features.

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Roles and permissions

To use Financials, you'll need to be assigned the appropriate permissions. 


Under Admin > Roles & Permissions > Role Manager, choose the role from the menu or create a new role.

The role will need access to:

  • Admin > Financials
  • System > Financials (Account tracking, and Add bank transactions are optional)
  • System > Check Writing (Create, Print, and Void are optional)

    Financials Roles & Permissions


    Account setup

    Passare's Account tracking, Check writing, and Batch deposit features all require bank accounts to be added in first.


    First, check that your Bank account appears on Admin > Financials > Banks

    Admin > Financials

    Click on Banks page


    If your bank account is not listed here, you will select Add new bank

    Admin > Financials > Banks > Add new bank


    Fill out the bank account information on this page. If you plan to write checks from this account, be sure to include Account name, Routing number, and Bank account number.

    Add in bank details, including account name, routing number, and bank account number


    Repeat these steps for any bank accounts you plan to track, write checks from, or deposit into.


    Account tracking

    The Account tracking feature allows you to view and manage bank balances in Passare.


    To enable this, go to Admin > Financials > Banks.

    Expand the Bank account you want to track the balance for. Enter beginning balance and click Add.

    Enter the bank account beginning balance under Account tracking tab

    Account Tracking is now turned on for this account. Repeat for any account you wish to track.

    The Current Opening Balance transaction CANNOT be exported via accounting exports.


    Be sure to tie the bank account to your Checkbook and Batch deposit so Passare can track this activity, too.


    Account access

    You can choose which users can view activity in the Account tracking feature.


    Go to Admin > Financials > Banks. Click the Bank account name to expand and select the Account access tab.

    Any user you've given any Financials roles and permissions will appear in the list.

    Select financial permissions per user in the Account access tab

    Choose which users you want to have access to View Account and if you want them to View the Balance.

    If you remove their account access they won't see that account listed under Check Writing, Accounts, or Batch Deposits.

    If you give them account access and remove balance access they'll still be able to add Checks, Transactions, and Deposits. They just won't see the balance.

    Repeat for each bank account.


    Tie a bank account to check writing

    In order to write checks from Passare, you will need to set up a Checkbook.


    Go to Admin > Financials > Checks > Checkbooks.

    Select Add checkbook.

    Add checkbooks under Admin > Financials > Checks


    Choose the GL account and enter the Checkbook name. Use the radio buttons below to select your check printing preferences. 

    If a user should be notified for requested checks, you can indicate that below.

    Enter in Checkbook details and preferences

    Indicate which user should receive Check notifications


    Next, you'll want to add the Bank Account to Batch Deposits.


    Tie a bank account to batch deposits

    To use Passare's Batch deposit feature, you will first need to tie a bank account to the transaction.


    Go to AdminFinancials > Deposits > Batch deposit transaction.

    Select Add transaction

    Set up batch deposit transactions under Admin > Financials > Deposits > Add transaction

    Add in Name, Debit Account (Bank), and Credit Account. Credit account is typically Accounts Receivable or Undeposited Funds.

    Type in batch deposit transaction name

    Select Debit and Credit accounts for batch deposit transaction



    Setup bank transactions

    The Account tracking feature logs Check writing and Batch deposit activity. If you would like to track additional transactions, you can create custom Bank transactions.


    Go to Admin > Financials > Banks. Click the bank name to expand, and select the Account tracking tab.

    Select Add bank transaction.

    Select Add bank transaction

    Note: Account tracking balance must be entered before you can create bank transactions.


    Fill out the Transaction Name, Debit Account and Credit Account. Save.

    Fill out Bank Transaction information

    Select bank transaction debit and credit accounts

    TIP: Either the Debit Account or Credit Account must be the bank account. 


    Your list of bank transactions will now appear in the Account tracking feature under the Add Transaction dropdown.

    New Bank Transaction appears under Account Tracking > Add Transaction dropdown


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