Delete and restore cases

Need to delete a case or restore one that was accidentally deleted? This article's for you!

    Don't see this feature? Check your Roles & Permissions settings or contact your Passare Admin to get it turned on.

    Deleting cases

    To delete a case, select the Settings gear icon  next to a case on the case listing page. 

    Then select the Trash can icon.



    A box will pop up asking Are you sure? 

    Select OK.


    Your case is now deleted!

    Restoring cases

    If you'd like to restore a case you've deleted, select Filter Cases on the case listing page.


    Show Deleted Cases Only > Refresh This Tab or Show In A New Tab, depending on your preference.


    You should now see the deleted case.

    Select the Settings gear iconnext to the case you'd like to restore. 

    Then select Restore Case .



    Your case is now restored!


    Commonly asked questions:

    How do you Delete a Case Started in the Passare Mobile App?

    If the case was started in the Passare Mobile App and it includes Personal Items, those items will need to be deleted before the case can be deleted. 

    To delete the items, find the case in the mobile app. Select the T-shirt icon and Swipe Left to delete.

    If the case was started in the Passare Mobile App and it includes Personal Items that have been signed for, email with written consent that the signatures can be deleted as this data cannot be transferred to another case or recovered.

    Signing for personal items implicates release of property. Therefore deleting the data requires written consent from the Funeral Home.

    Once all of the Personal Items are deleted you can login to Passare and delete the case.


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