How to Delete & Restore Cases

Need to delete a case or restore one you accidentally deleted? This article's for you.

    Deleting Cases:

    To delete a case, click the Settings gear icon> trash can icon.

    Note: Editing these options is dependent on your user Roles & Permissions settings.

    A box will pop up asking "Are you sure?" Click OK.

    Your case is now deleted!

    Restoring Cases:

    If you'd like to restore a case that you've deleted, click Filter Cases > Show Deleted Cases Only > Refresh This Tab or Show In A New Tab, depending on your preference.



    You should now see the deleted case. Click the Settings gear iconnext to the case you'd like to restore> Restore Case .

    Your case is now restored!

    Commonly Asked Questions:

    What happens when a case is deleted?

    The case is removed from pages and reports but can be restored if needed.

    Can a user filter for deleted cases on the Case Listing page?

    Yes! Click Filter Cases > Show Deleted Cases Only. A CSV of those cases can be downloaded by clicking on the "Download search as CSV" icon.



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