View your Case Listing in Passare Mobile

View, search, filter, pin, unpin and navigate your cases.

Once you're logged in, the Case Listing will be your landing page.

You'll see all cases for the organization you are signed into.

Note:  Have access to multiple orgs? See how to switch orgs HERE.

Cases are in order by case created with the newest case on top.

From the Case Listing you can:


Search by decedent name, case identifier, or a family member's name.

When you search a name, results will include any cases associated with the searched name.

Decedent name matches will be listed first.

Family members or other roles associated with searched name will be listed next.


Filer cases by:

  • Pinned
  • All
  • Pre-need
  • At-need
  • Imminent-need
  • Trade

Pin cases

Pin cases that are most important to you.

On the right-hand side of each case card, you'll see a pin icon.

Simply click on the pin.

Cases that are pinned, will create a personalized case listing under the Pinned tab.

pinned cases on the case listing screenshot.

Unpin cases

Remove cases that no longer need your attention by unpinning them under the Pinned tab.

This will remove the case from the Pinned tab, but the case will still appear under the All tab.

Navigate into a case

Click on a case card to go into a case.

This will take you to the Manage page within a case.


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