Setup check preferences

Customize your check preferences to streamline your business.

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    To get started, go to Admin > Financials > Checks

    select Admin then financials then checks


    From this page, you'll customize the following sections: Check Design, Accounts, and Check Transactions.

    There are several check styles to choose from, which can be seen in the screenshot below.

    After you select the style, you can preview the check by selecting the Download Preview button.

     If you'd like to use the same template for all branches, select Yes for Do all branches use the same check stock?

    select Check Stock Style then click Download Preview button



    In this section, you can manage the bank account(s) you'll write the checks from

    Select Add checkbook.

    Add Account button


    Fill in the basic bank information, such as address and phone number. There are several required fields, which are highlighted below.

    Account info page


    Next, you'll fill out the bank account information and designate printing preferences.

    Routing Number, Bank Account Number and Check Numbering are required fields.

    Check Numbering has three options:

    • Pre-Assigned assumes the check stock is already numbered.
    • Manual assumes the check stock is not numbered and will be manually entered.
    • Automatic assumes the check stock is not numbered but Passare will auto-fill the check number based on the number you enter in Next Check #.

    If your check stock has printed routing numbers and account numbers, be sure to select NO to print routing and account numbers.

    Next, select whether you want to print Bank or Branch Information.

    Lastly, check the Associated Check Transactions that you would like linked to this account.

    Use Associated Check Transactions to minimize the selections seen on the drop-down on the Check Writing page.  If no selection is made, all transactions will be visible.


    Bank account information


    The Check Request Notification section allows you to designate a person(s) to be notified when a check is requested from the Goods & Services page.

    Check Request Notification section



    If several bank accounts are added, you can select a Default bank for all check writing activity.

    default bank checkbox


    Check Transactions:

    From the Check Transactions section, you can manage the financial transactions you support for check writing.

    Select Add Transaction.

    add transaction button


    Enter the Check Transaction Name and select the GL Account to associate with the transaction.

    If you wish to remove this transaction, check the Archive option.


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