CLAIMCHECK integration

Enter a CLAIMCHECK Assignment

The CLAIMCHECK integration allows you to submit your insurance assignments without ever having to leave Passare.

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    Enter a CLAIMCHECK assignment

    In a case go to, the Payments & Adjustments page > Under Add Transaction > Select Add CLAIMCHECK Assignment.

    Select Add CLAIMCHECK Assignment from Add Transaction button dropdown

    If you don't see CLAIMCHECK under transactions, contact

    If the transaction type is grayed out, hover over the icon. It will show you the required information that's missing.

    information icon shows what required info is missing

    When you're ready to add the assignment, start by selecting the Insurance Company and the Fee Paid By.

    select Insurance company and Fee Paid by

    Then add the Policy information. The following fields are required:

    • Policy Number
    • Policy Type
    • Policy Value
    • Organization & Beneficiary Request.

    If there are no leftover funds, you'll still need to enter $0.00 in the Beneficiary Request field.


    Effective Date is not a required field.

    However, providing the Effective Date will let CLAIMCHECK know if the policy is within the 2-year contestability period.

    For Group policies a few extra fields appear:

    • Insured Person
    • Employer Name
    • Employer Phone
    • Employer Email

    group policy fields

    If there are multiple policies with the same insurance company, you can add another Policy.

      If there are multiple policies with different insurance companies, you'll need to add a separate transaction.

      gif for adding another policy

      Assignment Summary

      To view a breakdown of the assignment, select Calculate > See Assignment Summary.

      If the calculation is wrong, now is the time to fix it!

      Once you Save, you will not be able to make changes in Passare.

      You can always Calculate again and see the updated summary. 

      Calculate button and view Assignment Summary

      Assignment fees are automated! ⚡️ Spend less time manually adjusting assignment fees, and more time serving families. Contact Passare support today to get started!

      (800) 692-5111 |

      Add Beneficiary

      If the assignment summary is correct, you can move on to adding the Beneficiary.

      Select a beneficiary from the Family & Friends or select Other to add someone else.

      There can be multiple beneficiaries.

      Add Beneficiary tab

      The following fields are required for the beneficiary:

      • First & Last Name
      • Birth Date
      • Relationship
      • Social Security Number
      • Address, City, State, Zip
      • Primary Phone

      If any of these fields are not filled in, you'll be able to add them here.

      Beneficiary fields

      Once everything has been added, Save & Submit.

      Once an assignment is submitted, you will no longer be able to make changes in Passare. To make changes, contact your CLAIMCHECK processor.

      CLAIMCHECK Documents

      Under transactions at the top of the screen, you'll see the assignment you just added. Select the gear icon to view the CLAIMCHECK Documents. 

      Settings icon to view CLAIMCHECK documents

      Download the Irrevocable Assignment and have the beneficiary sign them.

      Once the beneficiary signs the form, you can upload it back into Passare, and it'll be forwarded to CLAIMCHECK.

      Irrevocable Assignment document

      Pre-filled Insurance Company Documents

      You might see additional pre-filled documents listed in addition to Claimcheck Forms. This means the insurance company selected for this assignment has additional forms they require to file and pay-out (for example: Claim forms).

      CLAIMCHECK's insurance company library will trigger Passare to pull any forms marked as "required" and pre-fill them with information entered on this assignment. Any additional insurance company forms that appear can be printed, signed by the family (at the same time CLAIMCHECK documents are signed), and uploaded.

      Please upload all available documents to Claimcheck for processing.

      You may noticed additional forms appear with the Claimcheck documents. Please print them, have the family sign them along with the Claimcheck documents, and upload.

      You can upload additional documents related to the assignment. 

      gif showing how to upload documents

      Manage Assignments

      After you've submitted the assignment, you can view the Assignment information under the transaction summary on the Payments & Adjustments page. 

      This information is synced with CLAIMCHECK and will automatically update every 24 hours, or you can select Sync on the transaction summary to update immediately.

      Assignment information in the transaction summary


      View all assignments in Case Listings using the Claimcheck widget

      To view Claimcheck assignment information on your case listing page, add the Claimcheck widget to your Dashboard!

      To add CLAIMCHECK to Case listing, select the settings icon in the top-right corner.

      Select Add/Remove Widgets  >  Check the box named "CLAIMCHECK Assignments"  >  Save.

      Add/Remove Widgets in Case Listing Settings

      This will allow you to filter all of your Open & Complete Assignments.

      Open and Complete Assignments tabs

      ✨ See a full list of the required information HERE.


      Commonly Asked Questions

      What happens once the assignment is complete?

      When CLAIMCHECK marks an assignment as complete, Passare will no longer check for updates. If you want to check for updates, you can select Sync on the transaction summary.

      If the organization is paying the fee, can the beneficiary request an amount?

      Actually, no, they cannot! If the organization chooses to pay the fee, the beneficiary amount must be $0.00. However, if the fee is split, the beneficiary request must be greater then $0.00.

      Do I need to manually adjust assignment fees for every transaction?

      Not anymore! We have an automation for that! ⚡️ Contact Passare support to get set up!
      (800) 692-5111 |

      Need More Information?

      Need Help? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111. Or contact CLAIMCHECK support at or call 1-800-692-3688.