CLAIMCHECK Status & Queue Meaning

CLAIMCHECK Status and Queues let you know where your assignment is at any point in the process.

      Queue Definitions:

      A Queue is where your assignment is located in the overall process!

      • New Assignment - Assignment is submitted, but no signed documents are attached.
      • Verification - Assignment is ready for the processor to begin the verification process.
      • Generate Payment - Assignment is on hold and waiting for the payment to be made.
      • Filed with Insurance Company - Waiting on the insurance company to file the claim.
      • Collections - Required documents have been sent to the insurance company and CLAIMCHECK is awaiting payment.
      • Received Insurance Check - CLAIMCHECK has received the insurance check.
      • Complete - Assignment is finalized or declined.

      Status Definitions:

      A status goes even further to explain what is going on within each the Queues!

      • No Status - No Status has been applied to the assignment.
      • Additional Documents Required - Additional documents are required to complete the process.
      • Contestable - The policy is contestable and further review by the insurance company is required.
      • Declined - The assignment was not taken by CLAIMCHECK.
      • Documents Sent to Insurance - All required documents have been sent to the insurance company.
      • Pending Verification - Assignment was sent to the insurance company and the processor is awaiting a response.
      • Original Documents Required - Original documents are required in order to complete the process.
      • Other - Utilized for any exceptions that do not fall under any other specific status.
      • Overage - Payment was received from the insurance company, but it was more than the assigned amount.
      • Partial Funded - A portion of the policy could be funded, but additional review is required to secure the remaining funds.
      • Pending Payment - The assignment is ready to be funded, but it is pending payment until the next business day.
      • Shortage - Payment was received from the insurance company, but it was less than the assigned amount.
      • Withdrawn - This assignment was not taken due to a request by the family and/or funeral home.

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