How to Manage the Collaboration Center as a Funeral Director

As you serve your community and protect your at-risk populations, we want to provide the tools and resources to help. The Collaboration Center can assist you in many different ways, and this article will explain how!

Let's look at the Collaboration Center through a funeral director's eyes.

The Collaboration Center will help you stay connected with families and provide valuable interactions even if you're miles apart.

It will help you provide and exchange information from Passare to the Collaboration Center through:

✔️Document Uploads

✔️The Obituary





Upload Documents to the Collaboration Center.

From within a Case, go to Documents > Case Files.

Click Add New.

Select the Document and click Open.

Check the box under "Show in CC."

You'll see "Document successfully added to the Collaboration Center page," at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to remove the document from the Collaboration Center, simply uncheck the Show in CC box.

Here are a few common items to upload:

  • Prayer cards
  • Memorial folders
  • Cremation authorizations

The Obituary

There are three Obituary templates available in Passare, but if you want to customize your own, check out How to Create an Obituary Template.

As a funeral director, when you're working on the Obituary in Passare, we highly suggest that you check the Lock Obituary box under the Collaboration Center Sidebar.


Once you do that, families will see this message:

"This information has been finalized. Please call us if you have any questions."


Note: Locking the Obituary will ensure that families and funeral directors don't work on the Obituary at the same time and risk losing information. Be sure to unlock the Obituary when you're done editing in Passare!


Utilize Checklists to keep families informed of important next steps. For more information about setting these up, read How to Create a Checklist.

🌟Here are two quick reminders for customized Checklists for the Collaboration Center:

✔️Be sure to turn Checklist Visibility to "On" (it will turn green).

✔️Under Checklist Viewing, check the box next to the statement, "This checklist should appear in the Collaboration Center."



To keep up with a family's Checklist progress:

Go directly to Checklists under the Overview section.

Once an item is checked off, you'll see the name and timestamp under the task.



Note: Families will also see names and timestamps in the Collaboration Center.


You can also go to Collaboration under the Overview section.

Scroll down to Activity Feed.

This will show ALL activities from the Collaboration Center.



Families can Message the funeral home directly in the Collaboration Center.


Messages will be received and viewed in several different ways:

✔️Messages will go directly to the funeral director that is assigned to the Case depending on their notification preferences.

✔️When a Message is sent, an Alert will also be visible on the Case Listing.

Click on the Alert Bubble and Messages will appear.

Quickly respond to Messages from this window.

Click Enter to send the message.


Note: Families have to click on Messaging in the Collaboration Center to see your response. In other words, they do not receive a direct notification.


View and respond to Messages by going to Collaboration under the Overview section and scroll down to Messaging.



In this article, we have identified a few helpful Resources, but if you have another article in mind, you can quickly add a specific resource for your families.


Note: You will need to include a link to the Resource.


Go to Admin > Organization > Collaboration > Resources Page.

Click on the Section you would like to add the Resource under.


Go to the Section Content.

Type in the Title of the article.

Highlight the Title and Select the icon.



Copy and paste the link into the URL box and click OK.


Save the Resources page.

You will see "Resource Section was successfully saved."


The Resource will now be visible on the Collaboration Center.



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