How to Send a Collaboration Center Invite via Text

Text Invites can be sent from the First Call Information Page for at-need cases, and Family & Friends page for both at-need cases and imminent need cases.

Unlike Email Messages, the Text Message feature needs to be turned on to be visible within a case.  See How to Set Up the Collaboration Center for more information.

For simplicity's sake, we will review the steps from the First Call Information Page, as the steps are very similar on the Family & Friends page.

Getting Started with Text:

To get started, create an at-need case.

On the First Call Information Page, in the Caller section, select a Relationship. 

Note: Text Invite only becomes available when one of the roles from Aunt or below is selected (see screenshot below). You can also find the invite under the Other People section of the First Call Information Page.


When one of the above relationships is selected, a checkbox will appear to Send Collaboration Invitation through Text Message. A few things to note:

✔️A mobile phone number is required on either the Primary Phone or the Secondary Phone for the invite to send successfully.

✔️You can preview the text message by clicking the icon next to Send Collaboration Invitation through Text Message.

Pro Tip: Want to change the text message?  See How to Set Up the Collaboration Center.


✔️When you click Save at the bottom of the page, the text message automatically sends.

✔️You can view your Text Message details, such as the date and time the invite was sent, on the Family & Friends page by clicking on the recipient.

✔️Need to resend? Click the icon next to Send Collaboration Invitation through Text Message.

Important for U.S. Cellular customers! Due to U.S. Cellular's text message restrictions, text message invitations will not appear properly and are not suggested. To learn how to send an invitation by email, click HERE.

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