Completing the Funeral Options Page

View the calendar, schedule events, and organize service details so nothing gets missed!

Adding an Event:

You'll find Funeral Options under Arrangement on the drop-down menu within a case.

Under Add Event, choose the service type, date, and start time. Then select Add Event.

Note:  Don't know the Event Date or Time?  Simply click the Pending Event Date box!

A pop-up menu will appear where you can add additional details, such as the service End Time, Venue, and Providers. Save!

The service will now be listed under Funeral Options. You can also view it under the Calendar tab.

Add information under Other and Service Details.

List the Urn/Pallbearers by selecting Add Family/Friend.

Make sure to include the Pallbearer's Name and Relationship. Always Save!

Add any Internal Notes and Save the page.

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