Completing the First Call Page

The First Call page is your first step in at-need case creation.

Remember those old, paper first call sheets? Now all information can be entered digitally in Passare using any device and shared with your entire team. Enter all details or just a few. Passare will auto-populate forms and documents with the information you provide to help you run key reports later. Talk about a time saver! Let's get started.

Complete First Call Information:

After logging into Passare, click Create on the top right of your screen. Then click At-Need Case.

This will bring you to the First Call Information page.


Case Options and Deceased Vitals

Choose a Branch, if applicable. Next, enter the decedent's First Name and Last Name.

Pro Tip: First Name and Last Name are the only two required fields to create a case, but it is highly suggested you provide as much information as you can to avoid any confusion later. When ready, hit Save


Continue entering other Deceased Vitals you have (Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Gender, etc.). For Date of Birth, you can type in the date or click the icon to search. 


First Call Page

Location of Death and Location of Remains

Scroll down to enter the Location of Death. The Location of Death will default to "Decedent's Residence." If you type in the zip code first, it will automatically validate the city, county, and state.

Location of Death_First Call Page-1


If the death occurred in another location besides the Decedent's Residence, click the drop-down and make your selection.

You'll notice the name and number of fields will change depending on the type of Location of Death selected (i.e. Residence, Hospital, or Nursing Home).

If you've already created Rolodex entries for Hospital Names etc., click the box to see a drop-down list of items you've previously added. 


Hospital Location of Death_First Call Page-1


If you don't see what you are looking for or want to add your entry to the Rolodex for future use, click the button to Add a New Rolodex Entry.


Pronouncement & Transfer Instructions

Enter the Date of Death, Time of Death, Pronounced By, D.C. Signed By, Transfer Instructions, etc.

If the death occurred today, you can simply type in "Today," and it will add today's date. Be sure to also check the box next to Family Present at Transfer if the family will be at the removal.


Pronouncement and Transfer Instructions


Select the caller's Relationship to the deceased, enter their First Name and Last Name, and indicate whether or not they are the Informant or Next of Kin by checking the boxes next to these fields.

You can also add other family members or people pertaining to this case. If you need to add additional people, click Add Person to create another field.



Arrangement Meeting and Internal Notes

Add information about the arrangement such as the location, date, and time and what funeral director the family will meet with. If you'd like someone else to see your Internal Notes, tag the team member using @ and select their name.


Arrangement Meeting

Once you've entered all of the information you can, hit Save.

The First Call page is now complete!


The next page is Vital Statistics. For detailed information on how to complete this page, see Completing the Vital Statistics Page.

If you're away from your computer, you can also create a case using your mobile device. For details, see Creating a Case on the Passare+ App.


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