Completing the Vital Statistics Page

After completing First Call Information, enter Vital Statistics to continue building your at-need case.

Vital Statistics:

You'll notice information you entered on the First Call page, such as First Name, Last Name and Gender, will show in the relevant fields of the Vital Statistics page. One less thing to fill out to save you time!

Basic Information

Enter information for the decedent, such as Title, Middle Name, Gender, and Marital Status. 

Scroll further to fill out the Spouse, Father, Mother, Beginning of Life and End of Life sections as needed.

Note: Alternate Name generally refers to someone's nickname. If a name is entered in this field, it will override the First Name. Display Name is the name you'd like to be displayed on printed materials, the website, etc.

Cause of Death

Use the drop-down to select the Method of Death. You can add further descriptions in Cause of Death Line 1-4.

If you need additional lines, click Add Death Cause Line. You can later remove this line, if needed, by clicking the X to the right.

Cause of Death

Self-Identification, Education & Occupation, and Internal Notes

Add the decedent's Race, Ethnicity, Citizenship, and Education & Occupation.

Enter any notes to the Internal Notes section. If you'd like to tag someone so they will be notified, type @, select their user role or specific name from the drop-down, and click Add Note.

Adding Internal Notes-1


Click Save to continue to the next page: Family & Friends.

Need More Information?:

Completing the Family & Friends and Veteran Information Pages.


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