Configure Price List Discounts

Easily add or update a discount on any price list item.

    Don't see this feature? Check your Roles & Permissions settings or contact your Passare Admin to get it turned on.

    Add a Discount:

    To add a discount, go to Admin > Price List.

    From here, you can edit an existing price list item or create a new one.

    To add a new one, select Add an Item > Product/Service.


    Enter the Product Name (most funeral homes will mention "discount" in the name), and check the box for This item is discount.


    Under Product Categorization, for the Goods and Services Section > Select Discounts.

    The SFG Section will need to be blank.


    Scroll down to Product Pricing

    Choose Discretionary Price. This will allow you to change the discount within the Goods and Services.


    In, Allow prices between, you'll enter the lowest (negative) number in the first box and a zero in the second box. The negative amount is the lowest amount the item can be discounted.

    The default price can be any number in between the values, but it is recommended to set at zero.


    Make sure to Save!

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