How to Convert Pre-Need Cases to At-Need

Easily convert your cases with just a few clicks.

Before you Start!

Be sure to search using a name or social for any existing pre-need cases in the system. It's possible someone may have already entered in case information, and if you don't take a moment to look, multiple cases could be created for the same person, causing a much bigger reporting headache down the road. With that out of the way, let's get to converting!


While in the pre-need case you'd like to convert, go to the Case Information sidebar, click the At-Need tab, check the At-Need checkbox, and click Save.

Note: Be sure to keep the Pre-Need Box checked, otherwise it will not show up as a conversion on your reports!




That's it! Your case will now show as at-need and will have an at-need case identifier.

For more information on case identifiers and how to set them up, see How to Create & Edit Case Identifiers.

You'll also be able to enter information relevant to the new case status and begin communicating with the family through the Collaboration Center.


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