How to Create a Pet Case

Enter pet cases quickly using Passare.

Note: If you don't have access to Pet Cases, shoot us an email. This is something we'll need to turn "On" for you to utilize the feature. We'll need your pet price list and any pet-related documents you'd like uploaded (certificate of cremation etc.).

Creating a Pet Case:

To create a pet case, Create > Pet Case.

Complete the Basic Info section. Select a Pet Business if the case is associated with a veterinary clinic. Any vet clinics that have been previously added to the Rolodex will appear on the drop-down. If you need to add a new Pet Business, simply click the to add an item to the Rolodex. Passare will also provide a list of various Service Types to choose from. If you don't see what you're looking for and would like to add an additional service type, send us an email at, and we'd be happy to add whatever option you need!

Enter a number manually in the Case Identifier section, or if you'd prefer for it to be generated automatically, you can create a template. See How to Create & Edit Case Identifiers for more information.


Enter the Pet Name, Type, Breed, Gender etc. in the Pet Information section. If an individual owner brought the pet in rather than a business, click Add Owner to add their information. You can add multiple owners here if that's something you need.


Hit Save. This will create your pet case. You'll notice navigation menu options will appear for you at the top of the page. Click Next: Disposition to continue adding information to your case.


Information on the Disposition page is all optional. Enter whatever information you'd like to collect and track, hit Save, and click Next: Family & Friends.


All fields on the Family & Friends page are optional. Enter whatever Pet Owner information you'd like to keep track of (name, address, phone number, email address, SSN, etc.) and hit Save. Continue to add information on the Internal Notes, Checklists, and Documents pages as needed.

To create the contract, go to Financials > Goods & Services. Select the items they've requested from the Goods & Services drop-down by clicking the downward arrow, selecting the category, and clicking on the name of the item you'd like to add.

Note: Goods and services can be set up for you when you start with Passare. You can send us your price list and we'll upload it and associate it with your pet branch. You can also always add line items yourself. See How to Add Goods & Services for more information.

Pet Cases Goods & Services2


If you'd like to only show pet-related items on your pet branch (meaning you don't want pet items to show up on human cases), let us know, and we'd be happy to set that up for you! Or, if you'd like to do this yourself, see How to Configure Price Lists for Pet Cases for additional information.

As with your other cases, you still have the option to select a Case Owner using the Case Information sidebar on your right.


Scroll down on the sidebar to view your Standard Forms options (directly below Case Information). Pet Business Invoices can be sent to a vet and Pet Owner Invoices can be sent to an individual pet owner. Click on either form to download to your computer.


Once you're finished making your selections on the Goods & Services page and your contract has been signed by the family or business, be sure to mark the case as signed by selecting "Yes" on the Goods and Services page. As with other types of cases, the case must be signed to show in reporting and accounting. The signing date will default to "Today." If you'd like to change this, simply uncheck the box next to "Today" and enter the date information you'd prefer instead.

Hit Save to finalize.

Entering Pet Businesses in Bulk:

Passare allows you to enter pet businesses in bulk rather than case-by-case. To do so, go to Admin > Rolodex.


Click Add Contact > Business.


Type in the Business Name (i.e. veterinary clinic name or city name if you're doing work for an animal shelter). Check the box next to Pet Business, enter the name, contact, and phone information, and press Save. This will add the business name so it'll be available in the business drop-down inside the case.

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