Create a case in the Decedent Tracking app

Out on a death call? Quickly start and track a Passare case from anywhere.

Creating the case

On your Case Listing, select the + icon. You will be taken to a New Case page. 

On Case Listing, select the + icon


Under Basic Information, tap next to each field to type or select case details. Required fields are indicated by a *.

Under Basic Information, fill out case details


Tracking-specific fields

On this page, you will see Tracking ID and Location fields. These will help you begin the decedent tracking process.

First, you will want to attach a QR code to the body and associate it with the case. To do this, click the barcode icon in the top-right to scan the Tracking ID.

Fill in Tracking ID by selecting the barcode icon at top-right


Scan the body's QR code


The body's Tracking ID will show at the top

πŸ€” You might be wondering... What if the wristband goes in the retort? No problem! Learn how to assign multiple tracking codes.


Second, don't forget to log the Location of the body! Scan your location's QR code with the barcode icon or click Find or Add to select from a list.

Find the body's location by selecting from "Find or Add" or scanning its code

πŸ—ΊοΈ Missing your locations? If you don't see a list of locations on the Find or Add page, you need to add these in before tracking. Follow the steps in this article first!

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Are you off-site and don't have a code to scan? Select Find or Add, then the GPS tool in the top-right. This will log your current location!

GPS tool on the Find or Add page

Save the page. Your case is now created, and you are ready to continue tracking!

Next, track locations and items in the app.


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