Creating Forms FAQs

Common questions that come up when creating forms!

How can I check to see if the form is filling out the way I want it to?

You can generate a preview of your form!

Under Admin > Documents, select the form you would like to preview. 

Select the case to generate the preview. Be sure to select a case that has most of the information filled in!

Click Download Form Preview. The downloaded form will show what your selections will look like when filled in with Case information.



You can make changes to the form, save the changes, and then re-upload the form using the Upload New Version button.

Commonly Asked Questions:

There is a form that isn’t on my Administrative Forms page - why?

Passare has a library of forms that we maintain and manage for Users. We call these Global Forms, and they include the standard VA benefits and honors documents, and SSA721, to name a few. If you see a form on a Case page that you cannot find on your Administrative Forms page, it is a Global Form.

I uploaded a PDF and can’t find one or more of the fields I added.

Avoid punctuation and special characters when naming fields in PDF files.

I used the “Upload New Version” button and now all my Mapping fields are gone, or I do not see the new fields that I wanted to add.

This can happen if the tag format was incorrect in a DocX file or the fields were not mapped in a PDF or named with special characters or punctuation. Try re-mapping the document with the correct format.

I tried to use the “Upload New Version” button, but when I selected a file from my desktop, the “Upload” button was grayed out.

You may have made changes in the form’s editing page and didn't give the system a chance to reset. Refresh your page and you'll be able to upload as usual (you'll have to re-select your file for upload).


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