Add & Edit Custom Fields

Does Passare not have a field you need? No worries! You can add a custom field to meet your specific needs.

Add Custom Fields:

To add Custom Fields, select Admin > Organization > Custom Fields.

Organization under Admin tab dropdown



To create case-specific fields, select the appropriate case type tab. If you would like this field available on all cases, stay selected on the All tab.


Select Add Field.


Enter the Field Label and select the Field Type. The field type will vary based on the information you want to gather.


Use the Pages dropdown to specify where the custom field appears within the case.


Select the Checkmark to Save.


Edit Custom Fields:

To edit a custom field, select the Pencil next to the field.


Update the information and Save. 


Delete Custom Fields:

To delete a custom field, select the Trash Can to the right of the field. 

trash can icon to delete a field


Find Custom Fields in a Case:

Your custom field will now appear on the page you selected in the Pages dropdown. 



If nothing was selected, the field will appear on the Custom Fields page.

You can add information to any page the custom field appears. Make sure to Save!

TIP: Custom fields can be added to User Reports or populated in Templates. To learn more, check out the articles below!


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