How to Review Data Before it's Transferred

Transferring your old data to Passare? Review the data in our staging environment before it's uploaded into Production.

Vital Statistics Page:

Log in to our staging environment. Use your temporary username and password.

Tip: If you need help logging in, contact

This will be the screen you see when you first log in. Select the Case Listing tab.



You'll see the cases that are being transferred. Click on the name of a Decedent (it doesn't matter which one).



You should see the case menu at the top of the screen. If you don't, click the arrow in the middle of the screen.



To start select Vital Statistics.



Scroll through the page to verify that the information being transferred is accurate.


You'll notice some fields are missing. This is because only certain fields are able to be transferred to Passare.


On this page, the main fields to look at are the Decedent's Name, Gender, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Date of Death.



Notice the Case Information sidebar on the right. Only the Case Status and Branch (location) will be transferred.

The Client Service Type and Funeral Director tied to the case will Not come over.


Family & Friends:

Once you review the Vital Statistics, scroll back to the top of the page and select Family & Friends from the case menu. 



Verify the correct Family & Friends are in the case.



Click on the family member Name for further details. Click Close when you are finished reviewing.


Goods & Services:

Next select Goods & Services under the case menu.



All contract items will be categorized as Professional Services. Verify that everything looks correct. 


Payments & Adjustments:

Go back to the Case Menu and select Payments & Adjustments.


On the top of the Goods & Services page, select Next: Payments & Adjustments.



All Payments will come over as an Adjustment transaction. Make sure the remaining balance is correct.

If the balance is incorrect, you can send us a report showing all the cases with outstanding balances, and we can clear out any unnecessary balances coming from your previous system.


Funeral Options: 

Lastly, select Funeral Options.


This will show the service details for the decedent. Select a Service for further details.



Select Cancel when you are done reviewing.



To return to the Case Listing page, select Dashboard at the top of the screen. From here, you can continue reviewing other cases.



Once you are satisfied with the content of the data, you'll need to complete the approval form. Once we receive the completed form, we'll work with you to get your finalized data uploaded into your active Passare account.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What information will Not be transferred to Passare?

Each system is different. However, certain fields will not come over no matter the system.

  • Obituary text
  • Rolodex entries
  • Decedent's time of death, employer, and education level


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