Data transfer process

There are many steps in the data transfer process to ensure accuracy and consistency. This process typically takes 30 days to complete, depending on the complexity and integrity of your data.

Process overview

  1. Clean up your current accounts receivable (AR)

    • If you’d like to clean up your AR (i.e.writing off cases to bad debt), this would be the time to do it.

  2. Request data from previous provider

    • Your previous provider will not accept a request from Passare, you’ll need to request the data.

  3. Convert the data

    • The data needs to be converted into a format and file structure that can be imported into Passare.

  4. Import data into a Passare testing environment

    • You'll need to verify the data to ensure its integrity.

  5. Import data into production

    • Once the data is imported into production, any payments or adjustments to cases that occurred after the data was requested from the previous provider will need to be entered into Passare.

Accounts receivable cleanup

All cases that have an outstanding balance in your previous system will be transferred to Passare.

  • Before this happens, it’s important to discuss if you’d like to clean up your current AR.

    • Example: If you have outstanding balance on cases that are more than two years old, the likelihood of collecting on these cases is minimal. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to write those cases off to bad debt.


IMPORTANT - If you choose to clean up your AR, you’ll want to do so in your previous system BEFORE you request the data.

Log payments and adjustments

While your data is being converted, tested, and imported into Passare, you'll need to log your payments and adjustments, which will be added to the cases once the data is transferred . By doing so, your AR will be caught up and your reporting will be accurate.

It’s important that you use the template below it’s how the data will be imported into Passare.

Template requirements:

  • Case Number - Must match the original case number from your previous system verbatim
    • Required
  • Payment Date - The date the payment was received in the format of MM/DD/YY (01/10/21)
    • Required
  • Payment Type - All imported payments and adjustments will have the type of Adjustment
    • Required (cannot be changed)
  • Payment Amount - Do not include symbols such as $ or ( ), only digits and decimals
    • Required
  • Payment Details - This will appear in the details box of each payment
    • Not required

Payment and adjustment import template


IMPORTANT - No payments or adjustments should be added to these cases in your previous system as that data will NOT appear in Passare.

Verification process

Refer to this article for the data verification process. Pay close attention to the linked document of the data that is imported, and (more importantly), not imported.


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