Track cases in Passare Mobile (beta)

Create a chain of custody for every decedent and their items in Passare's mobile app.

✋ Heads up! Before you begin, make sure you have downloaded Passare mobile.

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Track bodies

Tracking those in your care starts the moment you pick up the body. Passare mobile lets you create the case and log tracking details from anywhere.

Add or edit a case

First, access the case you need to track. You can either add a new case or find an existing one.

If you are adding a case, click the plus icon and select Case. Fill in case details like case type, branch, and name.

Add case in mobile

Add case fields


If you are editing a case, go to the case and tap the plus icon. Then select Location.

Add location

Next, fill out the following Tracking fields.


⚠️ Missing some buttons? Tracking is determined by roles and permissions. For help, reach out to us at or 1-800-692-5111.

Assign a Decedent ID

Attach a tracking band to the body's ankle or wrist. Then, use the scanner tool to scan the code in the Decedent ID field.

💡 Need wristbands? As a convenience to you, we sell QR code wristbands. For questions or to place an order, contact us at or 1-800-692-5111!

Decedent ID field with scanner tool icon

Scanner tool showing QR code

📸 Taking pictures in the dark? Use the flashlight tool to light up your space! 

Assign a location

Next, assign a location to the case. Use the scanner tool to scan a location code or select the arrow to view your list of saved locations.

Location field showing arrow and scanner tool options


By clicking the arrow, you can search your list or find a location using the GPS tool.

Location list showing search bar and GPS tool icon


The GPS tool allows you to select your current location, drop a pin, or select from nearby locations.

GPS view


Add photos

Next, upload photos of the decedent to keep on record using the camera icon.

Camera icon to add decedent photo


You will have the option to take a new photo or choose from your library.

Take or choose photos

Once photos are uploaded, thumbnails will display in the Photos section. Click on a thumbnail to view in full screen, and swipe to see all photos uploaded here.

Uploaded photos



Lastly, sign for the tracking activity you've logged. While this step is not required, it does help authenticate the actions recorded in the app.

To sign, type in your name, then click the pen icon.

Sign field with typed name and pen icon


Draw your signature in the box and click Done. You can also clear the signature using the redo button.

Drawn signature in signature field


Track items

Next, you can log the decedent's personal items. From the case, tap the plus icon and select Item.

Plus icon

Add item


Add up to 5 items on this page by typing in each box.

Keep in mind that all of these items will share the same location and photos. (But they can be edited individually!)

Multiple item entry form


Log the location of the item(s) by selecting from your list or scanning a code.

Assign location to items


Assign an action to these items by clicking the arrow on that field. 

Assign action to items

You will be prompted to select if these items should remain with the decedent, return to the family, be disposed of, donated, or other.

Make a selection and click Done.

List of item actions


Select the camera icon to take a picture of items or choose from your library.

Camera icon to add item photos

Take or choose photo


Once you have uploaded photos, you can tap on its thumbnail to view them in full screen mode.

Uploaded item photos


Here, you can toggle between multiple photos and delete any, if needed.

Delete and toggle item photos in full screen mode

Click Done to save.


To edit or delete an item, find it on the Track page within the case.

Select the item then tap the pencil icon.

Track page showing entered decedent and item

Pencil icon in item entry


To edit item details, update necessary fields and click Done.

Item editing form with Done button


To delete an item, click Delete at the bottom of the entry.

Item delete button


Then, confirm the deletion.

Delete item confirmation


View tracking history

You can view the tracking history of each decedent and their items. The history will show you the detailed chain of custody.

From the Track page, select the decedent or item name that you want to view.

Track page showing decedent and item entry


Select Show history to view the details of this decedent or item.

History will show users, timestamps, descriptions and photos of previous activity.

Show history link


Void a location

To void a location, click on the location entry in History.

Location history with clickable entries


Select Void location and confirm.

Historical location entry with details and void button

Void location confirmation


Voided locations will be indicated by red text and strikethroughs.

Voided location in red and strikethrough text in history


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