View decedent tracking details in Passare

Monitor decedent tracking information across one or several cases in the web app.

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View tracking data in the case

Information logged in the decedent tracking app syncs to its respective Passare case.

To find these details, click into the case from your Case Listing. Go to Care Center > Tracking.

Care Center > Tracking


Halfway down the page you will see Tracking sections.

Location events history details the chain of custody: locations, user, date/time, and location notes.Location events history section


Tracking ID history lists out all QR codes assigned to this body.Tracking ID history section


Personal items section shows all belongings logged in the app including item description, action, ID, notes, and signature details.

You can also download the photo by clicking the picture icon on the right.

Personal items section


You can also download and print activity reports by clicking the print link in the top-right corner of each section.

Print report link


Configure decedent tracking dashboard

First, select Add Dashboard Tab.

Select Add Dashboard Tab


Fill out the New Dashboard Settings:

  • Dashboard Name - "Decedent Tracking"

Name your Dashboard

  • Add/Remove Widgets - Multi-Pane Case Listing

Select Multi-Pane Case Listing

  • Auto-Refresh - turn on and select refresh interval

Turn on Auto-Refresh for 1 minute interval



Next, you will configure the Dashboard columns. 

While selected on your new Decedent Tracking dashboard, click the gear icon in the top right corner.

Select the Settings icon


Use the trash can icon to remove all columns, except Decedent Full Name and Decedent Date of Death.

Delete all columns except Decedent Full Name and Decedent Date of Death


Next, drag and drop Mobile Information into the Columns list on the right. Multiple columns will be added to the list.

Drag and drop Mobile Information columns to right


Save. Your dashboard should look like this, showing you app details per case.

Decedent Tracking Dashboard final view

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