Edit Contract Dates

Prioritize default contract dates to best fit your funeral home. Want to use the invoice signing date as the official contract date? Prioritize the Default Contract Date to Invoice Signing Date to have consistent dates on your reporting.


    Don't see this feature? Check your Roles & Permissions settings or contact your Passare Admin to get it turned on.

    Edit Contract Dates:

    Go to Admin > Organization.

    Organization in Admin tab dropdown

    Select Contract Options.

    Contract Options in Organization sidebar


    See the Contract Date Options, under Default Contract Date.

    There are eight default options. The list can be rearranged in whatever order works best for your funeral home. 

    Select the double pointing arrow to drag the options into the order you want them.

    Gif showing how to rearrange Contract Date Options list


    Passare will automatically assign new cases with the contract date from the option highest on the list.

    Contract Date Options list


    If the primary date option does not exist, the system will choose the second option, if that option does not exist, it will select the third option and so on.

    If your primary option becomes available, the system will revert the contract date back to the higher-ranked option.

    For example, if your primary option is Invoice Signing Date – First and your secondary option is Death Date, when you create a case, it will default to Death Date, but once you have a signed invoice on the Goods & Services page, the contract date will revert back to the date the invoice was signed.

    Manually Change Contract Dates:

    If for any reason you need to adjust the contract date, you can go into the case you need to update and manually change it. 

    The Contract Date is located on the Case Information sidebar. 

    Contract Date is located on the Case Information sidebar


    Select the Contract Date > Change the Date > Save.gif showing Contract Date pop-up


    The reason you may want to change the contract date is if you want the case to appear in a certain month on your reports.


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