How to Edit Education & Race Options

Don't see the language you need on important documents? Configuring education and race options will ensure you are in compliance with your city, county, or state.

    Different areas of the country require different vital information language on important documents like the death certificate. This feature allows you to edit the language to fit your funeral home's needs. 

    Editing Education & Race Options:

    To edit these options, go to Admin > Branches.

    Note: Editing these options is dependent on your user Roles & Permissions settings.

    If you have multiple branches you can configure these options per branch.

    Next, to the branch you would like to edit > Select the Additional Settings gear icon


    Here you can add, delete, and edit the names of each ethnicity, race, and education level:

    To Add

    Select the orange Add button > Enter the Name > Click Add.

    To Delete

    Click on the trash can symbol next to the entry you want to delete.

    To Change

    Click on the name of the entry you want to change > Edit the name > Save.

    Tribal Affiliation:

    To add a tribal affiliation option to a race or ethnicity entry (i.e. American Indian), simply click on the name of that race or ethnicity. These options will be blue.

    Select Yes from the Show Tribe Field drop-down, and click Save.


    You will now be able to collect tribal information on the Vital Statistics page within a case.


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