eSignatures on a print and sign contract

Collect signatures on a contract with the Print and Sign feature turned on.

When the contract form for an organization has Require Signing when Printing selected, collecting signatures is done from the Goods & Services page.

Require Signing when Printing Contract Form


NoteIf the contract is not showing up under the Templates section, chances are pretty good that Print and Sign is turned on.


When the contract is ready for a signature, go to the Goods & Services page.

Select Yes to Sign. 

Select Get Signatures.

Sign Yes to contract screenshot


Note:  If contract is already signed, the Get Signatures button will be by the Print button.


A new box will open where you can add the Co-Purchaser and Purchaser for signatures.

Select the No signature needed if one is not required.

Review the email address or add an email if needed.

Select Send.

Goods and Services Get Signature screenshot


You'll see a confirmation message that the document was sent.

Document sent for signatures confirmation screenshot

From here you will manage the contract just like other eSignature documents.


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