Getting Started with the Everdays Integration

Streamline case management by sharing service and follow-up information with a click of a button through Passare's Everdays Integration.

    Do you use Everdays announcements? 

    If so, make sure to take advantage of the Everdays Integration with Passare to quickly send information from Passare to Everdays.

    To turn on your integration, contact or call our support team at 1-800-692-5111.

    Once the Everdays Integration is turned on, you will see a Sync button on the case sidebar of each case.

    Below, you will find all of the information that can be shared from the Vital Statistics Page, Obituary Page, Family & Friends Page, and Funeral Options Page.

    There are only a handful of sections that are required for the sync to be successful, which will be mentioned in detail.

    Vital Statistics Page:

    The following fields on the Vitals Statistics Page found under Basic Information section are required for a successful sync: Decedent First Name and Decedent Last Name.

    Basic Information


    The following fields under the Beginning of Life and End of Life sections are shared with Everdays but are not required.


      On the Obituary page, the photo, text, and memorial donations are shared with Everdays but are not required. 


      Family & Friends Page:

      For the Family & Friends who are also the Informant in Passare, the following information is shared, but only the First Name, Last Name, and Primary Phone (Mobile Phone Only) are needed for the sync to work.

      Family Friend


        For Family & Friends who are NOT the Informant, the same information is required for the sync.

        family friend address


        Don't forget that only Family & Friends who are marked in the Everdays Sync Option box will be synced with Everdays. To do this, select the Everdays integration sync.

        Then select the checkboxes of the names you would like to be synced. Then click sync!


        Funeral Options Page:

        Once you have created an event (in this example, a reception), the following information is shared but only if the event is made Public.



        If any information is changed AFTER a sync occurs, another sync will need to happen for the announcement to be updated with Everdays!


        Need Help? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111!

        If you need help with your Everdays dashboard, you can contact them at