Create External Links

Frequent certain websites? Add them to Passare's External Links feature to help you and your team access all of your websites in one place!

    Create an External Link:

    There is nothing more frustrating than losing a link to a website and having to go through your search history to find it.

    For websites and resources, you use frequently, add links to Passare to access quickly!

    Under Admin > Organization, select External Links.


    Select Add Link under the Organization or choose a particular Branch.

    Organization URLs will be displayed organization-wide.

    Branch URLs will be displayed ONLY under the branch.

    Add a Link Display Name and the URL for your link and Save.

    Access Your Links:

    Now that the links are added, you can access all links under System > External Links while in any case!

    Links are categorized by Organization, Branch, and User.

    Enable External Links:

    If users don't see an external link they may not have the feature enabled.

    To enable external links, select AdminOrganization.

    admin org


    Select Roles and Permissions > Role Manager.

    role manager


    Then select the role you are looking to modify!

    Once selected, check the External Links box and Save.


    User External Links:

    External Links for Users are located under My Profile and do not require any permissions!

    Select My Profile, and scroll down to External Links.

    Select Add Link and add the Link Display Name and URL.


    URLs added under My Profile will only be displayed for you to view.


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