Family & Friends Page

Add family & friends to fill in documents, add to the obituary, and for aftercare and pre-need follow-up.

Add Family & Friends:

To add someone, select Add Family/Friend and select Person, Business, or Organization from the drop-down.

Select whether person, business, or organization


Fill in the required information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Relationship to Decedent

Fill in more details by selecting  Additional Information.

Here, you can add address and contact information.

Select additional information to add more


You can also choose to send this person a Planning Center Invitation by checking the Send Collaboration Invitation.

Send Planning Center invitation by selecting checkbox


When you're all done, select Add Family/Friend.

Edit Family & Friends:

If you need to edit or fill in information at a later time, select the name of the person you'd like to edit.

Select name of person you want to edit


A pop-up window will appear where you can add or edit any additional information.

When you're done, be sure to Save.

Edit details of family or friend


If you'd like to add them to the primary list, select the ribbon next to the person's name.

The primary list typically includes Next of Kin, Informant, Husband, Wife, et.

Removing name from primary list


Next, see Completing the Funeral Options Page.


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