Getting Started with the FDLIC Pre-Need Integration

Streamline your case management by converting your pre-need cases to at-need with a click of a button.

    Do you work with FDLIC?

    If so, make sure to take advantage of the FDLIC Integration with Passare to quickly convert your pre-need cases to at-need.

    To turn on your integration, contact or call our support team at 1-800-692-5111.

    When the integration is turned on, Passare will work with FDLIC to schedule an initial Push of all of your existing policies to Passare.

    Helpful Tips:

    Here are a few pointers about the FDLIC integration:

    ✔️ As policies are settled on the FDLIC side, the system will run an automated check to determine if the policy needs to be pushed to Passare. If so, FDLIC will push the policy information to Passare, which will create a new pre-need case in Passare. 

    ✔️ At this time, any changes made in Passare will not be reflected on the FDLIC side. To update information on a policy, such as an address change, please contact FDLIC at 1-800-692-9515.

    ✔️ You can filter your FDLIC cases on the Case Listing Page. Select Filter Cases > Under Case Origin, check the box for Funeral Directors Life > Show in A New Tab. If you want to keep this filter, Save the tab.


    For a full list of synced information sent from FDLIC to Passare, Click HERE.

    Need More Information?: 

    How to Convert Pre-Need Cases to At-Need


    Need Help? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111!