Funeral Directors Life Pre-Need Integration

Streamline your case management by syncing Funeral Directors Life policies with Passare.

    To turn on your integration, contact or call our support team at 1-800-692-5111.

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    Helpful Tips

    ✔️ When the integration is turned on, Funeral Directors Life will send all of your existing contracts to Passare.

    ✔️ As contracts are settled, the system will run an automated check to determine if the contract needs to be pushed to Passare. If so, Funeral Directors Life will push the contract to Passare, which will create a new pre-need case in Passare. 

    ✔️ Any changes will need to be made through Funeral Directors Life. To update information, such as an address change, contact Funeral Directors Life at 1-800-692-9515.

    ✔️ You can filter your Funeral Directors Life cases on the Case Listing Page.

    On the Case Listing page select Filter Cases > Under Case Origin, check the box for Funeral Directors Life > Show in A New Tab.

    If you want to keep this filter, Save the tab.

    Gif for selecting filter for Funeral Directors Life cases on the Case Listing Page


    Policy details

    View FDLIC policy information on the Policies page.


    If the case has multiple contracts, each policy will be tabbed at the top.


    Acquaintances will also be synced to the Family & Friends page.

    Passare will create a new Family & Friends entry for anyone marked as the Owner, Payer, or Contingent Beneficiary of the policy.


    Document syncing

    Policy documents uploaded to FDLIC will appear in Case Files.

    Locked contract

    When settled FDLIC contracts and their items sync to the Goods & Services page, the contract will be locked to avoid errors.

    You can create a new tab to add pre-need items on another contract. 

    FDLIC Pre-needs LOCK when synced to Passare


    Copy items from pre-need to the at-need contract

    When converting the pre-need case to at-need you can copy items using the Copy pre-need contract button that appears.

    Press the 'copy pre-need contract' button


    A modal will appear comparing pre-need items and prices side-by-side to current at-need price list items.

    a modal will appear comparing your pre-need items and prices side-by-side


    If any items do not match your current price list will have a drop-down for you to select the most comparable current price list item.

    use drop down to select the item that most closely matches the original selection

    Once all items are completed hit the Copy button to view your at-need contract.

    Commonly Asked Questions:

    Why can't I find my SecureChoice Trust policies?

    SecurChoice Trust is a pre-need funeral funding program utilized by Pennsylvania funeral directors that is managed by Funeral Directors Life. On the Case Listing in Passare, the SecurChoice Trust Case Origin will show as Funeral Directors Life!


    See a full list of synced information sent from Funeral Directors Life to Passare, click HERE.

    Need More Information?: 


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