How to Manage, Filter, & Report Using Case Tags

Now that you have your tags in place, it's time to put them to use and gain valuable insights for your business.

Managing Case Tags for Cases

One size does not fit all. Circumstances change and vary from case to case. Use multiple Case Tags for a single case to keep track of everything that is going on.

To add one or more case tags to a case, go to the Case Information sidebar within a case, under the Case Tags drop-down menu.

Once you have selected the tag(s) you want to apply to the case, click Save.

Note: You can also remove tags by deselecting them and then clicking Save.

Filtering by Case Tags from a Case Listing

Use the same case tags often and want to see it in your Dashboard? Create a filter and save it so it's there every time.

Click on the Filter Cases button from the Dashboard.

Then click the All Case Tags drop-down to select which tags you want to filter with.

To show this filter in a new tab, click on Show In A New Tab. To modify the filter of an existing tab, click Refresh This Tab. 

If Showing In A New Tab, we still need to save it! Click the Save button on the new tab.

Then, type in the Tab Name you want and hit Save.

Reporting on Case Tags

The biggest benefit of using Case Tags is in the reporting. When running a User Report, use Case Tag filters to refine your search and gain deeper insights.

To create a new report, select System > Reports > User Reports > Add New Report. This will take you to the Report Builder.

Within an existing report, select the report you want to edit, which will take you directly to the Report Builder.

Sales ReportOnce in the Report Builder, you can select the Case Tags you want to filter with. 

Case Tag in Report Builder

Note: All Case Tags is the default option.

You can also create a report that shows which Case Tags are being used for each case.


Case Tag.jpg-1

And there you have it! If you need more detailed reports or want to dig deeper, Case Tags can be a useful tool to get you the information you need with little to no fuss.  

Need More Information?:

See How to Add, Edit, and Delete Case Tags.


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