Filter Cases

If you're looking to get an in-depth look at your cases based on criteria important to your funeral home, then Case Listing Filters is for you!

Filter Cases:

On your Dashboard, select the Case Listing page.

Then select Filter Cases.

Be sure you're on All Cases when filtering! Otherwise, you'll only see results from the selected tab's information.

Filter Case


A box will appear where you can make your selections.

Filter by as many options as you'd like.

Filter cases


For example, filter for At-Need cases that are Missing Signing.


Once you're finished making your selections, select Show in a New Tab.

To save and rename the case listing tab, Save and enter a name for the tab.

Then Save again.


The title will now appear on the tab. You can continue to add additional tabs as needed.

If you'd like to delete a tab, select the X on the tab next to the title.



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