Filter cases

Customize your Case Listing view through case filters.

Filter cases

On your Dashboard, select the Case Listing page.

Then select Filter cases.

Be sure you're on All cases when filtering! Otherwise, you'll only see results from the selected tab's information.

Filter Cases button in Case Listing

A box will appear where you can make your selections. Type in the search to find the filter you need. 

Filter Case search

Filter by as many options as you'd like. You can also apply Includes/Doesn't include to your filter. 

Gif selecting case filters

For example, filter for At-Need cases that are Missing signing.

Selecting at-need cases for case filters

Contract with Missing Signing applied to filter

Apply multiple events to your filter in the Dates section. Choose an Event then choose the Time Period you would like to apply. Click here to see the full list of date ranges.

Gif applying multiple date range case filter

Once you have the Event and Time Period you would like, click + Add Date.  You can add as many events as you need.

Add Date button in case filters

Filter by Care Center information in the Care Center section.

Care center filters

Once you're finished making your selections, select Show in a New Tab

Show in new tab button in case filters

To rename and save the new tab, click Save to the right of the search bar.

Save new tab button on dashboard

A box will open to rename your new tab.  Enter the title you want for the tab, then click Save.

Save button in renaming tab modal

The title will now appear on the tab. You can continue to add additional tabs as needed.

If you'd like to delete a tab, select the X on the tab next to the title.

At-need case tab


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