Frazer's Tribute Center Integration

Simplify your memorial printing by taking advantage of our integration with Frazer Consultants.

⚠️ Before you begin, make sure you have completed the steps on this document in your Tribute Center account.

Do you use Frazer's Tribute Center?

If so, make sure to take advantage of the Integration with Passare to quickly send information from Passare to Frazer.

To turn on your integration, contact or call our support team at 1-800-692-5111.

Once the Integration is turned on, you will see a Sync button on the case sidebar within each case.

Integrations section

orange sync button for Frazer Consultants


Helpful Tips

✔️ First Name, Last Name, Place of Birth (City & State), Date of Death, and Place of Death (City & State) are required fields on the Vital Statistics page for the sync to occur successfully.

✔️ If you have any Events listed in Passare, you must also have Event Type, Start Date & Time, End Date & Time, Location, Address, and Primary Phone fully populated in order for the sync to occur successfully.

✔️ Family & Friends with the role of Pallbearer and Next of Kin will be sent to the Tribute Center as well as Family & Friends with the relationship of Father, Mother, Spouse or Informant.

✔️Only events that are noted as Public on the Funeral Options page are shared.

Memorial Service fields


✔️ The following Passare Event types will be converted to Frazer Service types upon syncing to align with the Tribute Center requirements. All of the other Passare event types will Not be synced with the Tribute Center.

Passare Event Types Frazer Service Types
Other Service
Crematory Service
Funeral Service Funeral Ceremony
Mass Funeral Ceremony
Public Viewing Visitation (Frazer will accept two visitations)
Graveside Service Graveside
Cryptside Service Graveside
Memorial Service Memorial


✔️ While writing the obituary, Passare will send the following default text as the obituary:

"[Name] passed away on March 1, 2017.  [Name]'s loved ones are composing [Names]'s obituary, which you will be able to read here."

✔️ The full obituary will be sent to Frazer when the Lock Obituary on the left sidebar under Planning Center is checked.


You can see a complete list of the fields that are shared to the Tribute Center HERE.


Need Help? Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111!

If you need assistance with your Tribute Center, call Frazer Consultants at 866-372-9372.