Getting started with dashboards

Transform your traditional whiteboard into a configurable, flexible, and accessible tool.

    Add dashboard tab

    Your Dashboard is customizable per user.

    To create a new Dashboard, select the plus sign on the Case Listing Page. 


    A box will appear where you can name your Dashboard tab.


    Then, add the widget(s) you want to show on the tab!

    We recommend always selecting Case Listing so you can get the full functionality of this feature.

    Along with the other widgets you want.

    Single-pane case listing

    If you want to avoid the clutter or share one specific piece of information with your team, a Single-Pane Case Listing works great.

    Single-Pane allows you to show one Case Listing at a time. 


    On the Add/Remove Widgets tab, select Case Listing, and Single Pane.

    single pane


    Multi-pane case listing

    Instead of having just one Case Listing, you can have multiple within the same Case Listing Widget.


    To create a Multi-Pane Case Listing, start by selecting the Add Dashboard Tab. 

    Then, on the Add/Remove Widgets tab, select Case Listing, and Multi-Pane.


    You'll now have a separate tab to view information you need!

    Drag and drop to rearrange each section.


    If you want the latest information to always appear, be sure to toggle Auto-refresh & Auto-cycle On.

    Don't forget to Save!


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