Getting started with eSignatures

Learn how to use eSignatures to get your forms back faster.

Getting online signatures from your families can be a bit of a challenge. Third-party software is not always the most user-friendly and printing, signing, and scanning can be a hassle.
That's why we're excited about eSignatures. It's simple for you and the family.


Note:  Contracts with Print and Sign turned on request signatures from the Goods & Services page. See how HERE.

Send for signatures


Within a case find the Documents section. Then select Templates.

Templates under Documents section within a case


Use the check boxes to select which form(s) you want to send to the family to sign. Pick as many as you'd like!

Once you've picked the form(s), Get Signatures will appear. Select Get Signatures.

Get Signatures option


A new box will open where you can assign who needs to sign each form. The cool thing is Passare will populate your selections from the Friends & Family section of the case. 

Each form will have signatures that are needed. Work through each form and select someone for each role.

Select the arrow to choose a Family or Friend from within the case.

Informant field


Once a person is selected for each role, move on to the next form. Repeat this process for each form.

If their email is already in Passare, it'll appear underneath their name. If their email is not in Passare, it can be added during this step!

Once all names and emails are selected, a green check will appear.

email field for informant


If a signature is not needed, select No signatures needed and the family won't be asked to sign that field.

No signature needed checkbox


Add a personal message to include in the email and select Next.

Additional Message field

Funeral Director signatures

On the next screen, the Funeral Director, can sign multiple forms at the same time.

Select the forms you want to sign. Check the box to agree to the terms.

Select Sign and Send Forms.

This will email an invitation to each person to sign the form(s) in the Planning Center.

Sign and Send Forms box


Note:  Want to sign a form after the family has signed? Go to Case Files after the family signs.


Family signing in the Planning Center

The person you picked for each role will get an email inviting them to sign the form(s).

If the person doesn't have a Planning Center account, they'll be asked to create one. If they already have an account, they'll be asked to log in.

From the email, they'll be taken directly to the eSignatures page within the Planning Center.

The signature status will show which forms have been signed and which ones need a signature.

eSignatures page within the Planning Center


Once they select Sign, they'll be asked to draw or type their signature.

draw or type signature


Once they select Start Signing, the family can easily add their signature to the form by selecting the yellow boxes.

Once all signatures have been added, they'll be able to select Finish

gif showing signing within a form


They'll check the box to agree to the Terms and Finish signing.

Finish signing page


Once they Sign and Submit they'll be able to view the signed document by selecting the document name.

Signed and Sent notification box


As soon as the forms have been submitted, you'll receive a notification through Passare!

Check signature status


You can check the status under Documents > Case Files > eSignatures.

eSignatures tab in Case Files


The Signature Status will indicate whether the form is Awaiting Signatures, Completed, or Completed/Verified.


On Completed forms, you can select the three dots next to the form to Verify Signatures or View Signature Details.

three dots next to completed forms


Verify Signatures is where the funeral director can show that they have verified the validity of the signatures.

Verify Signatures pop-up box


And add any notes to clarify.

View Verification box

Awaiting signatures

On forms that are Awaiting Signatures, you can View Signature Details or Cancel Signature Request.

Awaiting signatures options


You can only Cancel the Signature Request if the form has not been signed.

Cancel Signature Request box

Signature details

Under View Signature Details, you can see who has Signed, Resend to those who haven't signed, and Sign the document yourself if needed.

Signature Details



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