Getting Started with Inventory Management

Manage Inventory from one central place, even across multiple locations.

Inventory Management requires set up.  Email us at or call 1-800-692-5111 to get started!

Inventory Management

Go to System > Inventory Management.

Inventory Management page from System drop-down

From the Inventory Management page, you can:

  • Add Inventory
  • Edit Inventory
  • Filter Inventory
  • Transfer/Remove Inventory
  • View Pending Review Inventory

We'll take a deeper dive into each one!

Inventory Management page

First, configure your columns by selecting the icon.

Drag and drop the columns in your preferred order.

Select Save.

Configure Columns

Add Inventory

Select Add Inventory from the Inventory Management page.

Add Inventory fields

This is where you can quickly add your inventoried items.

The following field drop-downs are populated from info in the Price List. 

  • Item Name
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Minimum Quantity
  • Category

For example: Item Name drop-down is populated from Admin > Price List > Inventory > Item is Inventoried = On.

Add Inventory fields from Price List

The following fields on Add Inventory are required:

  • Ordered From
  • Item Name
  • Date Added - *will default to the current date
  • Location
  • Quantity

Required Add Inventory fields

Next, select Add Inventory. Repeat the above steps to add additional inventory items. 

Edit Inventory

From the Inventory Management page, you can select Edit Inventory.

Change/Update fields as needed and Save.

Edit Inventory button

Note: The following fields can not be edited: Item Name, Category, and Status.

Filter Inventory

Utilize the Filter Inventory button to customize your inventory views.

Filter by the following items:

  • Item Name
  • Location
  • Category
  • Status
  • Date Added

Select Show in New Tab to save the filters for future use.

Save New Tab name.

Filter Inventory options

Note: If the user has access to multiple organizations, the saved filter tab will only be visible in the organization in which the filter was created.

Remove/Transfer Inventory

If you select the icon on the Inventory Management page, the Remove Inventory page will open.

You'll be required to fill out Date Removed, Removal Reason and Sold/Transferred To fields.

Select Remove.

Remove Inventory required fields

Tip:  You will only see the Transferred To box if the Removal Reason is Transferred to Funeral Home.

View Pending Review Inventory

This tab is only visible when Allow Inventory Transfers Between Organizations is turned on under Admin > Price Lists > Price List Settings > Inventory Management.

When inventory under the same Parent Organization is transferred from one organization to another, the inventoried item will show on the Pending Review tab with a Pending Status.

Note: The transferred item will no longer show up on the All Inventory tab.

Click Cancel Transfer to place inventory item back in the originating organization's inventory.

Cancel Transfer button

The receiving organization will have a Review button on their Pending Review tab.

Review button

The Review button will bring up a Remove Inventory list where the following fields can be edited:

  • Item Name
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Serial Number
  • Notes

Remove Inventory pop-up

The receiving organization can choose to Accept or Reject the inventory.

When the inventory is Accepted, the inventory is removed from the Pending Review tab and moved to the All Inventory tab of the receiving organization.

If the item is Rejected, the inventory is removed from the Pending Review tab of the receiving organization and placed back in the All Inventory tab of the sending organization.

Transfer Notifications

You can receive notifications related to inventory transfers by turning on Notifications.

To do this, go to Admin > Price List > Price List Settings > Inventory Management > User(s) to Notify about transferred inventory.

Under Inventory Management in Price List settings,  select who is notified of transferred inventory

You'll receive three different types of notifications:

  • Incoming Inventory 
  • Accepted Inventory 
  • Rejected Inventory

Clicking on the Incoming Inventory notification will take you to the Review Inventory page for that item.

Incoming Inventory notification

If you Accept the Inventory item, you'll be required to fill out the following fields:

  • Item Name
  • Location

Cost and Serial Number are optional fields.

Select Accept Item.

Remove Inventory fields


If the receiving organization clicks Reject Item, the sending organization will receive a notification, and the item will be removed from the Pending tab of the receiving organization.

Item Removed Successfully notification


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