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Getting started with Planning Center Messages

Planning Center Messages provides communication between families and funeral home staff in one place.

βœ‹ Planning Center Messages require some set up. Want Messages turned on? Email us at support@passare.com or call 1-800-692-5111.

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πŸ’‘Use Planning Center messages in the mobile app to get the most out of this feature. 

Manage access within your organization

Messages will need to be assigned by role on the Roles & Permissions. Click Admin then select Organization.

Admin dropdown

Click the Roles & Permissions tab, then select which roles you'd like to give access to messages.

Arrow pointing to various roles on Roles & Permissions page

Once you've selected a role, check the box next to Planning Center Messages.

Hint: Read-Only will give your staff access to view all messages, but they won't be able to send any messages in the Planning Center. 

Planning Center Messages setting on Role Manager page

Alert preferences

Get notified by text or email when a new message is received. Customize your alert preferences by clicking the bell icon in the navigation menu and then clicking the gear icon in the dropdown.

Notifications dropdown

Use the toggle to select how you want to be notified when new messages are received.

Alert preferences in notification settings


Send messages in Planning Center

Tip: Families will need to be invited to the Planning Center to have access to Messages. Click here to learn more about sending Planning Center invitations.

With Planning Center Messages enabled, you will now see the Messages card on the Planning Center page within a case in Passare. This card will be blank until the first message is sent.

Messages card on Planning Center page in Passare

Type your message in the text field in the
Messages card.  An alert will appear asking you to confirm you want to send the message to the Planning Center for the family to see.

Messages in PRO gif


Families with access to Planning Center will see your messages on the Home page of Planning Center.

Messages in Planning Center (family view)

Families can reply directly to you and your staff in the Planning Center.

Messages in Planning Center gif

View the message from the family on the Planning Center page in the case.

Messages with responses in Passare


Add status message

Give your staff permission to set statuses. Click the Roles & Permissions tab, then select which roles you'd like to give access to set statuses.

Arrow pointing to various roles on Roles & Permissions page

Once you've selected a role, check the box next to Planning Center Status. Check the box next to Personal Status to give the role the ability to set a personal status message, or Branch Status for roles you want to grant branch-wide status permission.

Image 4-18-24 at 2.57 PM

Add personal status

A personal status can be set under the user’s profile. Only one personal status can be active at time.

Go to your Profile to set a personal status. 

Image 3-7-24 at 3.07 PM


For roles with Planning Center Status enabled, a new section called Personal Status will be visible. Toggle On Show status in Planning Center messages and schedule when your status message should be displayed. Only one personal status can be active at a time.

Image 3-7-24 at 3.19 PM

When a personal status is set, the status owner can designate another staff member with access to the feature to be notified of incoming messages under Notify.

Image 3-7-24 at 3.30 PM

Once status information has been added click Save at the top of the page.

Image 3-7-24 at 4.22 PM

Add branch status

A branch status can be set on the Messages page under Planning Center in your organization settings. A table will show the status name, the branch it applies to, and the dates when the status will be active.

Image 4-18-24 at 3.56 PM

When active, branch status will apply to all staff members of the branch the status is applied. Branch status will override personal statuses set at the same time. To add a new branch status, click Add in the Branch status section of the messages page. 

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 1.02.59 PM-1

A new page will open to edit the branch status. Use the dropdown under Branches to select the branches to apply the status. Status name, start date, and status message fields are required before saving a branch status.

Image 4-9-24 at 1.21 PM

Once you click Save you will see a reminder message that the branch status will override personal status. Click Override to confirm.

Image 3-8-24 at 10.10 AM

Add collaborators to messages

Add branch collaborators

Staff with access to branch settings in their organization will be able to add additional Passare users as branch collaborators to receive notifications for Messages for any case within that branch.

The collaborators section is located on the Messages page in the Planning Center settings.

Messages page in Planning Center settings

Add a branch collaborator to give others access to view and reply to all messages, and receive notifications when messages are received by clicking the Add button under Collaborators.  

Collaborators section in Messages settings

Use the dropdown below Branch to select the branch or branches you want to add collaborators to.

Image 4-22-24 at 2.53 PM

Then add collaborators in the Collaborators field. 

List of collaborators added to a branch

Add case-specific collaborators

Additional users can also be added to receive Messages notifications on a case-specific basis. Click the Plus icon at the top-right of the messages card to add a collaborator to the case.

Plus icon to add case specific collaborator

A modal will appear to add a collaborator.  Type the name of the person you want to add in the search bar.

List of collaborators for a case

Once the name is entered, click Add

Add collaborator modal

Lock Messages

Messages will be added to the Planning Center section list of items that can be locked. Doing so will display a Messages closed banner in the Planning Center and disable the input field, or if there is no message history, turn off Messages for that case. 

Clicking the box next to Messages under Lock individually will lock Messages on the date it's clicked. Otherwise, Messages will automatically lock on the Lock all on: date. 

Lock messages in Planning Center section of a case

When Messages are locked, a closed status will appear for the conversation.  

Status message for locked messages

Click the Edit button to the right of the closed status to edit the message to be displayed. Edit the status you want to be displayed then click Save

Editable status message for locked messages

Message history

Families can scroll through messages in Planning Center to see the history of the conversation along with name and date for each message posted.

Messages in PC gif colab 5 scroll up

Staff can view message history from the Planning Center page of the case in Passare. Name, date, and timestamp will be visible for each message in the conversation.

Messages in Passare


It's as easy as that! Start connecting with your families in Planning Center today!