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Getting Started with the Planning Center 🎬

The Planning Center will help you stay connected with families and provide valuable interactions, even if you're miles apart.

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Invite the Family to Join:

Families don’t have to be in the same town to begin planning. With the Planning Center, they can start planning from any location, on any internet connected device. 

Create an Account:

Once the family receives the text or email invitation, they'll be prompted to create an account. Families will be able to use the Planning Center on their phone, laptop, or tablet.

Forward arrow Mobile:

Mobile account log in page


Learn how to send Planning Center invites.

Forward arrow Desktop:

Desktop account log in page

Collect Important Information: 

The family can collect and fill out basic information for their loved one before or after you meet. Any information the family shares will populate in the decedent's case in Passare.

Forward arrow  Decedent's Information:

Have the family enter biographical information before you meet to save time on paperwork, allowing more time to focus on planning a meaningful service.

Biographical information page

Forward arrow  Obituary:

The Planning Center allows you to collaborate on the obituary so you can make sure nothing gets missed!

Write the obituary in the decedent's case in Passare and have the family Approve your progress or have the family use a template to get started. You can take what they write and finish it in Passare.

Either way the family will feel involved during the entire planning process.


Obituary screen


Forward arrow  Files & Photos:

Have the family collect and upload photos for you to use during the service or add files for the family to view.

Adding files and photos screen


Forward arrow  eSignatures:

Families can now sign forms electronically! In Passare, you can select which forms to Get Signatures for.

Then, have the family login to the Planning Center and sign the document.eSignatures page


Learn how to use eSignatures.

Plan a Meaningful Service:

The family can learn from planning resources, share their preferences, and add family members to help them plan.

Forward arrow Funeral Details

The questions under funeral details can be used as a prompt to help the family begin thinking about the service they want for their loved one.

Use their responses to brainstorm ideas before the arrangement conference.

Service details questions

Forward arrow Checklists

Add checklists in Passare so the family will know what to bring with them to the arrangement conference.

You can also make your checklists viewable so the family will know when you've completed tasks, such as filing the death certificate.

Picture of checklist page


Forward arrow Family Members

Have the family add additional members to be included on the obituary and other paperwork.

They can also invite other family members to help plan.

Add family page

Forward arrow Planning Resources

Our resource library is full of great material on Grief, Healing, and Meaningful Funerals.

Resources page


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