How to Use Your Global Schedule

Easily view all events scheduled for the day on your Dashboard's Global Schedule.

    The Global Schedule shows all arrangement meetings and funeral events for the date selected. Here are a few points when using the Global Schedule:


    Although the schedule view starts at 5 am, you can scroll by grabbing the timeline at the bottom and moving it to the right or left.

    When you leave the Dashboard and return, the schedule will revert back to the original view.


    global schedule

    Date Change:

    The Global Schedule defaults to the current day, but another day can be selected by clicking the calendar in the upper-right corner.  As with the timeline, when you leave the page and return, the schedule will revert back to the current day.


    Quick Access

    When you click on a block of service, the service details will populate in the upper-right corner including Name, Service Time, Location, Date, and Case ID.

    The Case ID will link directly to the case and will take you to the Case Summary page of that case when clicked.



    If you don't see a Global Schedule, make sure that Schedule is checked under Available Widgets on My Dashboard Settings.

    For more information on Dashboards, visit How to Configure & Share Your Dashboards.




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