Goods and services page 🎬

Build the contract in Passare by adding items to the Goods & Services page.

Add items to the contract

In a case, select Goods & Services.

Financials. Goods and services


From the drop-down, you can select any item from your price list.

The items are broken up by categories. You can look through each category (or use the search bar) to find what you're looking for. 


Goods & services drop down


Use the Quick-Add button to find items you frequently use.

Quick add button


For more information see, Add a Price List Quick-Add.


Add all the items to the contract.

If you need to customize the amount or name of an item, select a Discretionary option.

Enter amount in discretionary field


To remove an item, select the  x  to the right.

x icon


Check the box for the Disclosures you want to appear on the contract.

Once you check the box, you'll be able to edit the content, if needed. 

Edit disclosure fields

Print the contract

Once you've added all of the items, you can download and print or save and email the contract to the family.

To do so, select the contract under Standard forms.

Standard forms box to the right of the page


Select Yes to indicate the family has signed the contract.

and Save!

Yes is selected under Sign


It's very important to sign every case so the goods and services will appear on your accounting and revenue reports. See Sign an At-Need or Cash Sale Case for more information.


Once Saved, the locked symbol will appear next to Goods & Services at the top of the screen to indicate the case has been signed.

Arrow pointing to lock symbol


Once the case has been signed, any modifications will show as a refund or adjustment.

For example, if the family comes back and would like to change the casket they've selected, delete the item and choose a new casket.

Casket showing as a refund


It will show which casket was refunded and which casket was added.

Shows the different caskets

Scroll down and Re-sign.

Add/Remove refunds & adjustments from the family's view on SFG

If the family would like to see the changes on the contract, select the gear icon at the top of the page, and check the box for Include Contract Changes on SFG.

You can then re-download and print the revised contract.

Box is checked for include contract changes on SFG


Add/remove refunds & adjustments from view on the Goods & Services page

If you would like the contract changes to be visible on the Goods & Services page, select the gear icon at the top of the page, and check the box for Show Contract Changes.

select show contract changes


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