How information transfers with Case merging

This article details what and how data transfers in the Case merging process.

Merge modal

The Vitals page will merge information based on what's selected in the merge modal.

Merge modal


    Merging logic

    When comparing equivalent case fields, Passare will merge information one of three ways.

    1. If data is found in one case: merge existing information to the master case

    2. If data is found in both cases: keep the master case data

    3. If data is found in neither case: merge no information

    This logic applies to the following pages:

    • Case Information sidebar

    • Family & Friends

    • Custom Fields

    • Funeral Options

    • Obituary

    • Disposition

    • Care Center (Transfer, Embalming, Dressing, Appearance, Cremation, Merchandise, Tracking)

    Combined data

    The following sections will combine data from both cases:

    • Case Files

    • Planning Center

    • Notes

    • Care Center Notes

    • FDLIC Policy

    Data not merged

    The following pages will not merge data. Only information from the master case will be kept:

    • Goods & Services

    • Payments & Adjustments

    • Checklists